Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Slydev Nerf Jolt Rail Attachment Review

Slydev is an Aussie based small business who sells 3D printed plastic Nerf accessories. Possibly they're most well known one is this highly innovative piece, the Jolt Holder, which effectively turns a Jolt into a tactical rail accessory.

 The Jolt Tac Rail Adaptor (which I will abbreviate as JTRA for convenience) is a small piece of plastic (I assume ABS or similar) designed to hold a Jolt EX-1 on any tactical rail. Instead of using the traditional Nerf Rail Clips (which would cost a lot more to print out), the JTRA uses the grooves built into all tac rail to secure itself. You tighten the JTRA onto the rail simply by using the screw on the side of it. This screw is how you get the JTRA on and off the rail, because removing the screw removes part of the JTRA, allowing you to simply take it off the rail. Because of this feature, you can attach it to almost any tactical rail securely, and remove it with ease.

 My favourite combo, Rayven with Jolt.

Either by coincidence or smart design, the JTRA also securely holds an Ultrafire C3 torch. It's a little tighter than a Jolt, and puts more stress on the holder, eventually breaking the holder. It's still a neat feature though.

The JTRA on the side rail of a Stampede. Note that it's awkward position is caused by the design of the rail. In any case, the Jolt is still secure and you can still fire it with ease, so no problem.

The JTRA can be used to hold your Jolt out of place so you have access to it when necessary, but it's out of the way when you don't, or even as a foregrip.

The Jolt is simply held by friction, and that friction is enough to hold it in place no problem. Given the thickness of the JTRA, it's not likely to break any time soon, and even it it does, it's super cheap to replace.
At $2 + $1 postage (for Aussies), the JTRA is an absolute bargain. It's quality, design and effectiveness make the JTRA well worth the price.

Ending this review with a nice FPS shot, I thought it relevant to point out that the Slydev orange is incredibly close to Nerf orange and blends in well.

Now, click the Slydev link on the left and go buy some JTRAs. You won't regret it. It was so awesome I bought 2.