Saturday, 2 April 2011

Nerf Tactical Vest Usage Tips

Some usage tips for using the Tactical Vest.

1) Establish a good system for reloading the clips (mags). It'll save time when it counts.
2) Learn to switch between your primary and your secondary (in your holster). Likewise, it'll save time when it counts.
3) Get used to the vest. Wear it for a few hours to get used to it, if you need to. It'll help you focus on the battle.
4) Have a sword. You have the sheath, so you might as well use it. Unless of course it's not allowed in the war. In which case don't use it (duh).
5) Adjust the straps until it's comfortable. It'll help you with point 3).
6) Have a Clip (Mag) System blaster. You might as well use the clip (mag) holders.
7) Use the dart holders for your secondary. 5/6 shots isn't much, you know.
8) Use the zip pouch to hold all sorts of stuff. Such as a Jolt for last-stand, some darts for the Jolt/secondary and a torch if you play at night time/indoors with lights off.
9) If everyone playing has Tac Vests, you can denote teams with a velcro patch on your left shoulder, where the velcro (loop) is.
10) If you want to go super hardcore, give everyone taggers and aim for the strips and patches of velcro on the vest. It's not much, but it's good for target practice.


  1. hi its me matthew again and like a said i might be getting it with the recon and i want to know whith was the nerf sword witch can (i've heard can) break other sword and i know its nerf but i forgot the name of it and can you tell me the price can you tell me by christmas as i am planning on spend some money i get on it thanks


  2. No I cannot. Why? Well...
    a) We do not have N-Force down here in Aus, so far as I know. Well, at least where I live.
    b) I do not follow N-Force; I like blasters more.
    c) I'm pretty sure Nerf designed them to withstand pretty rough play, so rumours of sword breakages are probably duds, lies, excessive use or inappropriate use.
    d) Your lack of correct grammar and punctuation is painful.
    e) Your spamming is unecessary.
    f) I don't give two s***s about N-Force. Or one, come to think of it.