Saturday, 2 April 2011

Nerf Camo Ammo (Whistlers) Review

The Nerf Camo Ammo is a rather unusual addition to the N-Strike collection. It has 3 variants: Streamlines (grey urban camo), Suctions (green/brown woodland camo) and Whistlers (arctic camo). I have the Whistlers, as pictured. The kit comes with 50 camo darts, and a bag in a similar camo look. It's awesome.

The darts are nothing special. They just look very different. And, of course, you will probably agree that the above darts look EPIC. You'll probably lose them outside in snow, but indoors, they're fine. In fact, I think they're easier to find indoors than standard orange/pink darts if your rooms are carpeted. Each dart has 'Nerf' painted/printed on the side in the proper logo. For some reason, these Whistlers fly better and get better ranges than most of my other Whistlers. I think it's because they're slightly thicker, and get a better air seal.

The bag is a useful accessory. It can hold up to 100 darts, or 8*6-clips (mags). Here's some pics from SG Nerf to demonstrate. Do note that he is using the urban camo Streamlines. They're the only variant available in Singapore ATM, which is weird because here in Aus, we get Whistlers and Suctions, but no Streamlines! Odd.

As you can see, the bag can actually hold a substantial amount of ammo. There is a small divider in the middle, which allows you to have two sets of 50 darts, or have 4 clips (mags) and 50+ darts. It's also removable.
The bag is made of a thin material, but being flexible, it's hard to damage unless you use sharp tools. Because it's thin, it's light and portable. Usage tips here.
The bag is a little too thin and flexible, and so its contents like to shake about when you run with it. The bag also feels a little cheap because it's so thin and light.

Personally, I think these are worth the 30 AUD you pay for them. Sure, you could probably get more darts for that price, but in this you get a useful and awesome looking bag, and EPIC darts. Pick up the darts that you use the most. You won't be disappointed. Buy them, even if just for impressing your friends.

Pic credit to SG Nerf

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