Monday, 4 April 2011

Nerf Longshot CS-6 Review

After all my hate posts of the Longshot, I have a new favourite. No more. Too bad Longshot. I've reverted to my good old Alpha Trooper. The Longshot was originally released in a blue/yellow paint scheme, then the current yellow/orange paintscheme. For a short time, it was also released in a rather exclusive red/orange paint scheme, dubbed the 'Crimson Series'. The latter paint scheme is extremely rare, and extremely valuable. The current Longshot comes with the Longshot Front Gun (LSFG), the bolt (in 2 pieces), a very large scope, a 6-clip (mag) and darts, and the Longshot itself.
First of all, the Longshot looks EPIC. With the LSFG and scope attached, it looks like a futuristic laser/plasma sniper rifle. Without the LSFG and scope, it looks like a laser/plasma assault rifle.

The LSFG is a pump-action, single-shot pistol which feels like a last-minute addition, rather than a dedicated blaster. Nevertheless, attaching it on several blasters makes them look pretty cool. Range wise, it's roughly on par with some of my friends' Mavericks (7m). Unfortunately, the LSFG works best with streamlines, having other darts going less than 5m. Size wise, it's larger than the Spectre, Maverick and Recon, which is annoying because it is not anywhere near as practical as any of the aforementioned blasters.

The scope is simply a large plastic tube with a reticle at the end. Not that good for pinpoint sniping, but gives a good idea of where the dart will fly. It's too large to properly suit the smaller blasters with tac rails, and in my opinion in only suits the Longshot, Longstrike and Stampede.

Older packs of the Longshot came with 2 clips (mags), while special value packs of the older version even came with the Recon's barrel, a tactical light and more clips (mags)/darts.

Now on to the Longshot itself. It is bolt-action, and has a built-in fold-out bipod. This makes it feel very much like a sniper rifle. The stock holds a clip (mag) or drum. It can hold 6-clips (mags) and 18-drums comfortably. I'm not sure about 18-clips and 35-drums - I haven't tried them yet. The 18 clips (mags) are too long to be used effectively in the stock, and the 35 drum is far too fat. The jam door is underneath the tactical rail, which is sort of like a carry handle. As I keep saying, the Deploy's carry handle is the best, but any carry handle is welcome. The bolt is very easy to use, and makes you feel like you're actually a sniper. Unfortunately, due to this set up, it is difficult to rapid-fire it accurately. The LS can reach around 1.5 darts per second with some accuracy (I managed to empty an 18 drum in about 12 seconds). Usage tips here.

Now time for the power. Due to a 'direct plunger' system, the Longshot is extremely powerful. I've found it to outrange my Alpha Trooper very slightly. It reaches 12m relatively consistently, depending on darts.

Even with power, however, you've got to hit your target. Most CS blasters are inaccurate, but the AT is fairly accurate. The LS is generally about as accurate as an AT.

Modders love the Longshot, because it has more mod potential than just about all of the N-Strike clip (mag) system blasters around. With an AR removal and spring replacement, Nerf Mods & Reviews has made their red Longshot reach 80-90ft, which is around 25-30m. And that's really just basics of Longshot modding. With more extensive mods, such as a 'brass breech', most modders can get 100-110ft with stefans known as "slugs". This is 30-35m. More powerful springs and heavier, more aerodynamic stefans utilising a new breech system can yield ranges upwards of 160ft (50m). Reverse plunger blasters, such as the Recon can get a maximum of around 20m with the internals provided, and even with a new breech system do not get much higher than 20m.

Overall, the Longshot is a good buy. I got it for 45 AUD, while it's RRP is 60 AUD. Also, I've heard rumours of it being discontinued, although here in Aus, as Urban Taggers put it, "You can't move here in Australia without tripping over one of the damn things." It's a pretty good blaster, and I recommend this over most other blasters.
Even with all the fancy new Elite blasters, the Longshot has far more potential when modded, but of course for stock wars Elite blasters have the edge in range.

EDIT: From Hasbro Australia: "the Nerf Longshot has been discontinued from the range for 2012."

Slightly above average ranges and accuracy for a CS blaster, very high range when properly modded, can hold clip (mag) in stock, stock is quite sturdy, LSFG can be attached to any blaster with a barrel nub, scope is a separate attachment, generic CS blaster cons
ROF is not best due to use of bolt handle instead of shotgun grip or foregrip, firing noise is quite springy (irritates me), LSFG is practically useless, quite large and bulky

Power: 5/7
Accuracy: 4.5/5
Value for Money: 4/5
Usefulness: 4.5/5
Rate of fire: 2/5
Overall: 3.71/5

Personal Rating: 3/5 - unless I brass breech mine (coming soon) it's unlikely to ever become a favourite.

Big blaster, big blasting, great looks.

Longshot + 18-drum = Epic Win


  1. nice man
    this helped

  2. I just got one for my b'day on the 25th and I love it. I swapped the LSFG for the longstrike's barrel attachment, though, and I'm probably going to mod my Recon barrel attachment so that when its attached to the longshot it looks like an M82 Barrett.

  3. how does it compare against today's elite guns

    1. In stock form the Longshot doesn't compete. It gets N-Strike ranges of up to 10ish metres at best with Streamlines, as opposed to the regular Elite ranges of up to 15m. Modified though, the Longshot easily beats any of the Elite blasters. While the Retal/Rampage/EAT are limited to 30ish metres without ridiculous springs, the Longshot can get up to 50ish metres before you go into stupidly strong spring territory.

  4. I want too know which gun i should get. Should i get the longshot or the longstrike?

    1. I have a post on this exact comparison.

  5. Have you changed your thoughts at all regarding this blaster?

    1. Not really, it's still a fairly clunky blaster with a huge amount of mod potential.