Saturday, 2 April 2011

Nerf Tactical Vest Review

The Tactical Vest is a pretty good Nerf accessory, if you can spare enough money for it. It holds 4 clips (mags) (6-clips [mags], 18-clips [mags] and 18-drums are all fine), allowing for a minimum of 24 darts, and a maximum of 72+ darts. I haven't tried 35-drums - I don't have any. It also holds 12 darts just above the clips (mags), which you can use to reload your non CS-blasters, or refill your clips (mags) if you have no other blasters. It has a holster in the lower right which you can use to holster a Spectre, Maverick and Barrel Break (and probably more), which is useful when your primary (usually a CS blaster because of the clip [mag] holders) runs out. There's also a zip pocket opposite the holster which fits a Reflex (and similar sized pistols), darts and a small torch. On the back, there's a small sword sheath which is good if you have any foam swords. Really, though, it's like bringing a knife to a gun fight. Nearly literally. (knife ~ foam sword, gun ~ blaster).

First of all, there's 4 clip (mag) holders. As stated before, this allows 24-72+ darts just in clips (mags)/drums. Not as impressive as the Bandolier, but the clips (mags)/drums are in a more convenient place. This makes reloading a CS blaster easy.

Then there's the 12 dart holders. They're just as tight as the Bandolier's, but like the clips (mags), they're in a more convenient position.

The holster is always helpful. Because neither a Maverick nor a Spectre are very heavy, they don't really get in the way. If you secure your sidearm properly (ie use the straps) then your sidearm should be extremely secure, and easy to switch to a fro with your primary. Usage tips here.

The zip pocket is small, but fairly wide, so it can hold a variety of objects. Usually I put a Reflex Jolt, some darts and a small torch just in case. The zip pocket isn't a whole lot, but it's a welcome addition.

The sword sheath is just a piece of plastic/fabric which holds my $5 el-cheapo sword from Kmart. It's nice, but like I said before, it's like bringing a knife to a gun fight.

Now on to how it fits. I'm ~ 165cm tall, and it is small enough that there's just enough space for the bag that comes with Camo Ammo. It's quite ideal. It's fitting ability can be adjusted by 4 velcro adhering straps. This makes it's customer base a lot larger.

At first, it feels like you're wearing a lot, but after a while it feels like a normal vest. It just requires time.

The Tac Vest has a small velcro patch (loop) in the left shoulder area. It is ideal for denoting teams.

However, none of this matters if it isn't worth the price. In the US, it retails for around 30 USD. I managed to get one off for 35 AUD INCLUDING postage. Absolute bargain considering postage to and fro the US is really expensive. Therefore, mine had very good value for money, as an AT here is 30 AUD. (In US, AT retails for 20 USD)
(Got my Tac Vest about half a year before they came to Aus. Yay! :D)

Currently retails for approx $25 from BigW (rare).

I recommend this if you have several blasters, some of which are decent CS blasters. Focus on blasters before you get this.


  1. How would you put a torch in a zipper pocket?! You'd burn your vest! You need to think before you post things on the web.

  2. I assume you're thinking of putting the stick of wood on fire, in a plastic zip pocket. ARE YOU REALLY THAT MAD?
    Honestly, use your common sense and realise I'm referring to the metal object with a light emitting device in it.

  3. By "torch" they mean flashlight

  4. Hey I don't hav the vest yet wich place sud I bye it from amazon or toysrus my mom says that I hav enough blasters but she never said about vests so which do u recommend

  5. Whichever is more convenient. Sure amazon can save you money, but if there's a TRU near you, it really isn't worth the internet effort just to save a few bucks.