Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Nerf Camo Ammo Bag Usage Tips

Some usage tips for making the most of a seemingly simple accessory.

1) Clip it onto a belt. On a Bandolier, it'll slip downwards and possibly drop darts.
2) If you have CS blasters, fill the bag with 8*6 clips (mags). If you have non CS blasters, fill the bag with 100+ darts of your choice. If you have CS blasters AND non CS blasters, then have 4*6 clips (mags) and 50+ darts.
3) Don't forget the divider. If you want to have 2 different types of ammo, use the divider. It also helps when holding clips (mags) and darts at the same time.
4) The bag is quite large. I recommend wearing it for a few hours to get used to the weight and bulk.
5) If you don't want to wear the bag, you could use it as a small ammo cache and hide it. It is camouflaged, after all.
6) The cover flap and divider are secured by velcro, so they're easy to attach and detach. Also because it's velcro, don't be afraid to pull hard on it.


  1. Thanks for the tips!
    It was a really helpful blog, regarding the usage of ammo bags.

  2. Nerf ammo bags are used so we can carry our gadgets. It is really useful because in this way, we can easily separate our gadgets from the other stuff.