Friday, 5 July 2013

My iPod Touch Tactical Rail Mount

With all the (minor) buzz about Nerf's tactical app cradle whatever they are things, I thought I'd show off my custom iPod Touch holder that I made back in 2012. If you want proof I made them then and not after Nerf's one, look at this vid.

Anyway, for those looking to get their own and not fork out lots of money for something that can be done super cheaply, you can either get Slydev's one (link left) or make your own. Even better, this custom one can be used to hold your device of choice. Sadly it cannot hold different devices, but hey, total cost is around $5.

Materials Required:
  • Decently strong adhesive (I used hot glue and epoxy) - which pretty much every modder and even most non-modders have
  • Suitable rigid case for your smart device (as cheap as possible ideally, must be rigid) - can be found for $2
  • Any tactical rail attachment (a common and useless one like the Recon/Longstrike iron sights is suitable, don't go sacrificing a Pinpoint Sight) - value of about $2 depending on the attachment
It's very simple.
Just cut down the tac rail attachment until all you have is the attachment point and a flat base.
Take some extra bits of plastic and build a place on which you can securely mount the smart device case.
Glue the smart device case on.
Because it uses a tactical rail attachment for a base, there is a 99% chance is will fit properly on the blaster of your choice, with the exception of the Magstrike (which has an unusually thin rail). Obviously on blasters like the Recon, where the tac rail is on the slide, you might want to consider doing a bolt action mod or attaching a barrel, but for the majority of blasters it's fine.
So anyway enjoy some pics.

On a Stampede. The above photo is taken from the mount, the below photo from outside the mount. Both were taken in my bathroom mirror.

 And on an AT, above outside the mount and below inside the mount.
Obviously if you're looking for style this is not the way to go as Nerf's one looks far better and fits well in the Elite colour scheme, but if you're looking for economy and have unused tac rail attachments lying around this is the way to go. I have used this to film pretty much all of my Nerf wars and other videos thus far because noone else has had a better option.


  1. why is there a screw in the battery compartment?

    1. Battery compartment....?
      There isn't any battery compartment in/on this.