Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Nerf Stampede ECS Usage Tips

My usage tips for using the Stampede.

1) Don't get too trigger-happy - the Stampede eats up ammo really quick, and with only 18 darts per clip (mag), you'll need to reload approx every 7 seconds in full auto (18/3 dps = 6 seconds). Use burst fire (short trigger pulls) to conserve ammo.
2) Have a light trigger finger. A short pull of the trigger will give you a burst of 1-3 darts. This is ideal for most situations. With practice, you'll be able to quick-draw the Stampede.
3) Anticipate enemies. The Stampede has a short delay between the trigger pull and shooting the dart. This is because of the way the Stampede functions. Pulling the trigger a fraction of a second before an enemy comes into range can be the difference between victory or defeat.
4) Adapt the Stampede to your role. If you're agile and fast moving, ditch the attachments for maximum mobility. If you're defending, use the bipod and shield to reduce strain on your arms and to provide easy protection.
5) Have a good sidearm. With the Stampede's spamming skills, you could easily run out of ammo, so you need to have a good backup weapon to survive until you can reload.
6) Don't forget the full auto. With all my ranting on being too trigger-happy, don't be afraid to spray. Spraying is the whole point of the Stampede. When you've got several enemies in range, pull down the trigger, point the Stampede at your enemies, and have fun.
7) If possible, use clips (mags) instead of drums. Drums have a greater chance of jamming, although if they're loaded properly, there'll be no problems.
8) Use new or good quality darts. Using bad darts increases the rate/chance of jamming and reduces range.

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  1. Good advice. stampede is an awesome primaray