Monday, 7 March 2011

Nerf Deploy CS-6 Review

The Deploy is a relatively unique blaster, being the first (and probably only) blaster known to transform, the only N-Strike blaster to transform as of early 2011. It's roughly the same as a Recon, although without the extra bits and pieces, a different shell, the 'Deploy' feature, pump action and a modified 'breech' (where the clip [mag] is loaded into). It's a very unusual piece of hardware, and I suggest everyone try this.

Internally, because it's pretty much the same as the Recon, it reaches similar ranges of around 10m, stock. It also has similar accuracy issues, due to the Streamlines. However, the Deploy is easier to use because of the pump action, instead of a slide on the top. This helps you in firing fast.

Although the shotgun grip is comfortable, the handle and stock are really annoying. Neither feels 100% sturdy, due to the 'deploy' feature, which I will explain later.

The Deploy has a carry handle, which in my opinion is the best carry handle ever put on an N-strike blaster (so far). It is fat and comfortable, and even sports a scope. There's no magnification. In fact, there's not even a lens. Just a little bit of plastic jutting out of the end, like an iron sight. This helps in left/right aiming and in my opinion is better than using tactical rails as an iron sight.

The Deploy has a barrel attachment point, which allows the attachment of the Spectre, Longstrike, Recon and Longshot barrel extensions. These do nothing much except ruin the range, improve the accuracy and add tactical rails. And overall awesomeness.

The Deploy's tactical rail is on the carry handle, making it hard to carry properly when something is attached. In my opinion, there's no point of using the tac rail because the carry handle already has a scope inside it. Well, when I say scope, I mean little tube of plastic with a bit jutting out at the end.

The built in light is pathetic. It is too dim to really help you see anything. Nevertheless, it IS pretty cool. I recommend getting a really bright LED and sticking it in the place of the stupid red LED. Wallah! Your Deploy's light is now useful!

The Deploy can fire both when the clip (mag) dock is up or to the left.

Now onto the key feature of the Deploy: it's deploy feature.
In this picture from SG Nerf, you can see the size and shape difference between the Deploy in both modes.
The undeployed mode isn't very useful, but it sure is fun. You could make special rules for the undeployed mode to benefit the Deploy somehow.

The Deploy comes with a 6-clip (mag), 6 Streamlines and a very short carry strap. The strap is useful for pistols, but is too short for large blasters.

All in all, this is slightly better than a Recon, and is the same price. I recommend this for a bit of originality compared to your friends.
Compared to other clip (mag) system blasters, the Deploy is largely inferior and uncomfortable, making it purely for novelty. Especially with the Elite blasters, the Deploy has no real practical use in a Nerf war.

Higher ROF than Recon (other wise performs about the same), light is slightly useful at night, scope built into handle, carry handle is comfortable, shotgun grip is more comfortable than Recon, generic CS blaster pros
Less accessories than Recon, stock is a little flimsy and short, handle is a little uncomfortable, light is really dim compared to most lights, generic CS blaster cons

Power: 3.5/7
Accuracy: 2.5/5
Value for Money: 4/5
Usefulness: 4/5
Rate of fire: 3/5
Overall: 3.2/5

Personal Rating: 3/5 - high novelty value, lots of fun to tool around with, but very impractical.

High novelty, much fun. Beats Recon (just).

Pic credit to SG Nerf.


  1. wow r u serous. I have this gun and its great dont know where your getting that rate from

  2. because his represent the 99% of deploys out there.

  3. i like the recon so i would probably like this too!

  4. Well i would agree there is probably better guns out there i am still going to get it.