Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Nerf Spectre REV-5 Usage Tips

The Nerf Spectre is like a Maverick, yet so different. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of it.

1) Ditch the attachments. The Spectre is a pistol. No more. Besides, any other attachments will just make it harder to holster.
2) Have a holster of some sort. It helps you quick-draw the Spectre in a case when your primary runs out of darts. Alternatively, you can use a strap of some sort, like the bandolier strap. There are people who custom make holsters for Nerf blasters.
3) Stick with whistler darts. They seem to get the best power and accuracy in the Spectre. I'm not sure about tagger darts - i've never used one. DTs get great accuracy and good range, but Whistlers are slightly better.
4) When you push the barrel in after reloading the barrels, spin in for 1/5 of a turn. This will lock the barrel into the rotating mech and prevent rotation issues.
5) Remember that there is no slide lock - you can pull it back and forth as much as you want, even if the barrel is flipped out.
6) Practice quick-drawing the Spectre. They're a sidearm, and a sidearm ONLY. DO NOT go into battle without a good primary blaster such as an AT. Unless of course it's a pistol round, or everything else has similar capacity and range.
7) Learn to quick draw. This could save your life (or at least one of them).

The Spectre is more foolproof than the Maverick. It improves on most aspects, and is easier to use. I therefore recommend this over a Maverick.


  1. I think it works as a primary. I tried it and I won.

  2. Really? What blasters were your opponents using?

  3. u dont need to get rid of attachments in my oppinon
    u could just make a three part holster and have the gun in the middle and attachments on eithr side of it

  4. If the Spectre was not meant to be a primary weapon it wouldn't have a stock and Barrel extension/ 'silencer'

  5. Just because something has a barrel extention or stock doesn't mean it's a primary. e.g. the Barricade. It's a 10 shot revolver, but because it's range is limited by voltage and motors, it will never match well modded blasters like Longshots.
    In the case of the Spectre, it is a 5 shot revolver. With such a small plunger, it will never reach Longshot or Stampede ranges. With only 5 shots at such ranges, it's impractical for a primary.
    The barrel extension of a silencer doesn't make it a primary, as silencers can be attached to any hand held gun in the firearm world.
    The stock in the Spectre's case folds, meaning it was intended to be moved out of the way for greater mobility - the sort of mobility you don't get from Stampedes (except highly minimised ones).
    In any case, the attachments can be removed to form a 5 shot pistol, much like the AT or Raider can be stirpped down to an SMG size, or a Longshot into an Assault Rifle size (from its sniper size).

    Therefore, not only is the Spectre impractical as a primary (compared to blasters like ATs, LSs and Furyfires), but it was likely not intended for being a primary.

  6. This thing is a good primary, if you have good hands. I can load this bad boy in matter of seconds, as long as I have darts in a bag or m pocket or something. It is very versatile, being able to snipe and such. It is a quiet weapon, and its really effective at shooting and hiding techniques. I beat my friends with this, and they were using a recon, longshot, longstrike, maverick, Barricade, and Deploy.

  7. Impressive, although would have been more so against stampedes, at's and the like. I still stand by my stance that the Spectre is not an ideal primary.