Friday, 11 March 2011

Nerf Pinpoint Sight Mini-Review

The Nerf Pinpoint Sight is Nerf's attempt to make a red-dot sight that attaches to Nerf blasters. It was sold in a Mission Kit pack, which included 10 suction darts. I'll proceed to say why I think this is the most awesome attachment EVER.

(For heaps of pictures for both the N-Strike and Elite Pinpoint Sight, go to this post.)

First of all, the Pinpoint Sight looks AWESOME. It looks rather similar to an actual red-dot sight.
Secondly, it emits a red light, which shows up on the lens as a red dot. This dot is accurate at certain ranges, especially with an AT.
Thirdly, it was cheap. It costed me around $20-25 to get it shipped here from the US. This is decent as I've heard rumours of it being $18 here when it was available.
Nowadays it can go for $80+.

The key feature of this sight is, of course, it's red dot. Not turning on the red dot is like buying an airline ticket and taking a boat to your destination. As you tilt the Pinpoint Sight, the red dot moves about on the lens. It's not something I care to explain, but it works and it looks cool.

As such, it is far easier to adjust your aim for targets. With just iron sights, you have to remember angles and all that, while with the Pinpoint Sight you simply tilt the blaster to adjust the position of the red dot, which is far less stressful and far easier.

Sadly, the Pinpoint sight has been discontinued, and is becoming more and more rare, and more and more valuable. I highly suggest getting one (or some) if you see some on sale/special.

Pic credit to SG Nerf


  1. Hi there. You said that you imported your sight. Where abouts did you find one to import? Any chance you could import some more and sell them on? I would love one for my Barricade.

  2. Hi. I imported one from the US 8 months ago. Since then, they've stopped selling them in stores, and now on Amazon they're $100 at best. You've got to have about 6 four-leaf clovers to find one less than $50 nowadays. However, it doesn't mean that it won't happen. You may want to check out garage sales or Trash & Treasure places for your best chance of a cheap price. Unless you're willing to pay quite a lot, it'll be quite hard m'fraid. Sorry :(
    However, I have made a cardboard one which works the same way if you're interested.

  3. I found the Elite Pinpoint Sight for 35 dollars on eBay... :D