Sunday, 31 May 2015

WIP Mod: Full Auto Rayven (Autorayven) - Prototype Mk0

Just thought I'd keep you guys up to date on my current main project.
This here is my Autorayven Mk0, or Autorayven Prototype. It uses the body of an old N-Strike Rayven I got from a friend, with all the internals bound for use in my Elite Rayven. The shell will probably be dumped for spare parts or something.

It uses Falcon motors as I didn't want to cut the motor cover off. Intended to run off a 3S, but for testing was run using a 2S.
Prototype assembled. In the MkI, there will be a Longshot stock attached to the back to house the Rapidstrike pusher and the 3S that it'll run.
Just a close up of the pusher box and the Falcon before I started wiring it up. The switch is a roller switch that has been hotglued in place and reinforced with bits of plastic.

Running off a full charge 2S the Autorayven Prototype is getting about 6dps (360rpm), so hopefully when run off a full charge 3S it will get close to the 10dps (600rpm) ROF I'm hoping for. It's about on par with my RapidPDW with stock Rapidstrike motors.
Range is decent on 2S. The guys over at BritNerf have done some pretty good Falcon testing here,  indicating that Falcons on 2S seem to get 80-100fps, again comparable to Rapidstrike motors. Running off a 3S, Falcons can get around 100-115fps, which is the bracket I was aiming for.

The reduced but still effective performance of the Falcons on 2S compared to 3S means that when complete, the Autorayven may still be within the power bracket for Uni games, while also being viable and highly effective in my standard games, as well as the local Nerf groups if I attend those.

There's still a ways to go though, I'm waiting for my 3S to arrive so I can start transferring the internals from my Prototype into my Elite Rayven, and also start working on attaching the Longshot stock. That will probably be a difficult process as I don't want to have to paint, so I'll be doing my best to keep the stock integration as clean as possible.

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  1. Hey man, I am working on a raven mod, and I was wondering what purpose the roller switch serves, and what I would connect it to. If you could let me know that would be much appreciated, thanks for sharing! -Harry