Saturday, 16 May 2015

Mini Mod: Semi Auto Rapidstrike (aka Slowstrike)

I have plans to make my Elite Rayven full auto. Those plans involve a Rapidstrike pusher, Longshot stock, Falcons and a 3S. As I'm currently waiting for the Falcons and 3S to arrive, I thought I'd make use of my now useless pusher donating RS.
Externally it looks no different, which was part of the goal. Internally however...

This is a progress shot part way through modding. At this point the pusher had been put in place, and the trigger had been linked up using epoxy. However the rev trigger was not set up, and the pusher had not been calibrated.
The pusher was taken from one of the four Barricades I had lying around, as they were the only spare junked flywheelers I had. Naturally it needed some calibration as Barricades are set up for feeding Whistlers from a cylinder, rather than Kooshes from a clip (mag).
All set up, with everything else back in place. Rev switch has been replaced as per my usual, and the pusher and trigger have been properly calibrated and grinded down to feed and fire smoothly.
The pusher is not perfectly calibrated, there is a short pusher delay after every shot, but it's not noticeable at around 3dps.
The only external change is this small slot cut into the stock, needed to accomodate the new trigger when the stock is retraced. In fairness I could have just cut down the trigger instead.

The Slowstrike has been rewired as per usual fare, though is still using the stock battery tray. It's not a priority of mine to make the Slowstrike run off a LiPo, as I have no practical use for it over other blasters. Thanks to the rewire though, even using 4 C batteries it gets ranges similar to a stock orange trigger blaster (around 15m with blue Kooshes at near flat).

Let me reiterate, the reason I converted this RS to semi auto was that the pusher is being used in my Autorayven project, and so this RS became useless. I would not convert a regular RS to semi auto unless it was done electronically as part of a selective fire setup.


  1. If you have good fingers, you can beat the ROF of any electronic full auto nerf gun with a semi auto nerf gun.

    1. Clearly you haven't seen any overhauled Rapidstrikes, which can put out darts as fast as, if not even faster than, a Magstrike. I doubt you could get anywhere near Rapidstrike ROF with a semi auto while still maintaining the slightest bit of accuracy and stability.
      For instance: (my own Rapidstrike)
      Or: (one of Coop's, as much as I dislike his running of the pusher on 2 9vs it still shows my point)

    2. Sorry, I got the idea from a non-modded Elite Demolisher.

    3. Well in fairness *stock* electric full autos are pretty slow, so you're right in that sense. And even modded Stampedes and Vulcans aren't too much faster than semi autos, though primarily because they have to be kept slower for reliability and lifespan.