Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Mini Review: Nerf Rebelle Bliss

The Bliss is one of the many Jolt variants available, however is a more recent release and is one of the few distinctly different Jolt variants available individually.

 The box is much the same style as the Jolt box, a basic blister package with minimal information.
 The Bliss comes with just itself, one black and one teal dart.

The Bliss clearly has a distinct Jolt-like design, with the plunger tube in the handle leading straight into the barrel. It combines that with Rebelle-styling and colouring, including the Rebelle motif on the right side of the barrel (see below) and the curved priming loop.
Close up of the trigger and the Rebelle motif. No grey trigger here! Besides that, also note the curve trigger guard up front, distinctly different from the Jolt's straight one.

 Standard Jolt-style plunger tube, with a similar length draw. Nothing too special here.
Like with the Jolt, a fully loaded dart will insert just about all the way with just the tip protruding. The muzzle has a recess that allows the use of fat head darts like Whistlers and Suctions.

One of the important differences between the Bliss and the Jolt is the curving on the handle. Where the Jolt's is quite straight and has recesses too small for my fingers, the Bliss has curves that much better fit my hand.
In fact it fits my hand so well I can barely feel the sharp edges that you get on basically all Jolt variants.
Like with the Jolt, I can spin the Bliss around my trigger finger quite easily.
As with most Jolt variants, the Bliss has a mini iron sight, and as usual it's totally useless since it's far too hard to line up.

Let's look at the Bliss next to the Elite Jolt. 

Besides the obvious priming handle difference (pull ring vs handle), notice also that the angle between the barrel and grip is slightly larger on the Bliss compared to the Jolt. On top of that note the obviously different shell designs to fit with their respective lines.

Performance is much the same as the Elite Jolt, since the Bliss has a similar feeling spring, a similar system and the same dart type (Elite/Rebelle coloured Elite).
Range is quite good especially considering its size, 13-14m average with Elite-style darts. It's fairly consistent, few darts go wild.
Accuracy is also pretty good considering it uses Elite-style darts, hits on human sized targets at about 9m are quite easy.
Rate of fire is poor as you'd expect from a single shot, being largely dependent on your skill and dexterity. 2-3 seconds per dart is what I'd estimate, as with all other single shots.

The Bliss is a Target exclusive, and retails at 8AUD, though it regularly goes down to 6AUD in sales (the Elite Jolt retails for 5AUD at BigW).
I personally prefer the Bliss to the Jolt (mainly for comfort), but the huge price difference means the Bliss doesn't have quite the same value the Jolt has.
If you're after a basic last resort single shot, both the Bliss and Jolt fill the same role, though if you're willing to spend 8AUD for the Bliss, you really should just go and get a Triad from Kmart instead, those two extra shots can come in really useful (and if you get orange triggers, the Triad will also be that little bit more powerful).

Power: 6/7
Accuracy: 4/5
Value for Money: 4/5
Usability: 4.5/5
Rate of Fire: 1/5
Overall: 3.56/5

Personal Rating: 4.5/5 - I personally find it much more comfortable to hold than a Jolt, the curves in the handle help to minimise how much it cuts into your hand. The price is a little offputting though.

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