Sunday, 11 August 2013

Nerf Elite Stryfe Rapid Fire Vid

The second of the videos I recorded, I show how fast you can fire a semi auto flywheeler when you really put effort into it.

Time: 2.1sec
No. darts: 18
ROF: 8.10dps or 485.7dpm

For reference a stock Stampede or Vulcan 3dps or 180dpm, and the 16.8v Rapidstrike featured in RandomShadow09's video empties an 18 clip in 2.2 seconds.
Also the EAT slam fire vid features around 7dps or 420dpm.


  1. I'm pretty sure it was you that posted on Nerf Canterbury was it not!? It has to be!!! I love this bro! You must show me!!!

    1. Well a couple of other people have been bugging me to show how to fire so fast, so I'll take a vid when I have time.
      Prepare to be underwhelmed at the technique :P