Saturday, 10 August 2013

Nerf Elite Alpha Trooper Slam Fire Vid

It's been a while since my last vid, so I thought since I had a bit of spare time I'd shoot some quick vids for you guys.
First up is a slam fire vid of my EAT. Now you may be wondering "It's just an Alpha. What's so special about slam firing it?" Well, this is my modded EAT with the 8.5kg BT spring in it, over 3 times stronger than the stock spring.

Time to empty: 2.58sec
No. darts fired: 18
ROF: 6.59dps or 395.3dpm

For reference, my Pyragon slam fire vid has a ROF of around 6.8dps and a stock Stampede or Vulcan is around 3dps.

Just a note on modding the EAT, I would not recommend removing the AR as with the 8.5kg BT v2 spring it gains hardly any range (with Elites) and of course without the AR there is more internal stress. Average range does get pushed up to the magical 30m (100ft) mark though.
EDIT: Don't pay that range claim too much stock.
Muzzle velocity is increased so if you're a stefan user ranges will be increased more significantly.
It does make an awesome sound so if you're into that sort of thing go ahead, but otherwise I'd leave the AR in there for use with Elites.


  1. daymmmmmmnnnnnn!

  2. Nice! I wondered how much it would affect an EAT. Thanks! Good job, P13c30fch33s3.