Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Loadouts 8: CQC 2

Scenario Description: Close range combat with lots of walls and other obstacles in the way. Range not particularly important. Usually few players, thus usually small or no teams.
Keys to Victory: Mobility/maneuverability, adapting quickly to changes in scenario, fast firing blasters with short reload times.
Unnecessary Burdens: Weight, bulk, excessive amounts of ammo, slow firing blasters, large blasters, unnecessary sidearms, unnecessary attachments.

Clip (Mag) System 3

Primary: Elite Stryfe/Rayven / N-Strike Rayven (12/18 clips [mags], small tacticool if desired)
Secondary: Small single shot pistol (e.g. "Elite" Jolt, Elite Triad)
Gear: Small clip (mag) carrying ability (e.g. Tac Vest), small dart pouch
Ammo: Few backup clips (mags), darts for secondary
Purpose: To provide rapid fire ability from clip (mag) system flywheelers
Strengths: ROF, reloading, capacity, maneuverability
Weaknesses: Accuracy, have to rev up
Description: Clip (mag) system flywheelers are quite small, and thus are ideal for running around in close quarters. They are capable of spewing out darts extremely quickly, which can be lethal in close quarters. The need to rev up can be a pain, but in close quarters you don't need a high flywheel RPM to be effective with a flywheeler, since range is not particularly necessary. Thus you can rev up the flywheel only to about a third of its maximum RPM, and still be devastatingly effective in close quarters.

Multishot 1

Primary: Elite RoughCut 2x4
Secondary: Small single shot pistol (e.g. "Elite" Jolt, Elite Triad) or revolver (e.g. Elite Strongarm)
Gear: Dart pouch
Ammo: Suitable darts
Purpose: To provide rapid fire multishot provided by the RoughCut
Strengths: ROF, multishot, maneuverability, reloading while still loaded
Weaknesses: Accuracy, reloading
Description: The RoughCut is the first modern Nerf blaster to be able to fire multiple darts several times (ie 2 darts 4 times). The multishot ability makes it incredibly dangerous in CQC, and slam fire means you can take down several opponents quickly. The RoughCut does not have as many shots as a lot of blasters, being only 4 effective shots, so you'll need a decent backup blaster for while you reload.

Multishot/Vortex 2

Primary: Vortex Diatron
Secondary: Small single shot pistol (e.g. "Elite" Jolt, Elite Triad)
Gear: Dart/disc pouch
Ammo: Suitable darts/discs
Purpose: To provide high capacity multishot ability
Strengths: Multishot, reloading while still loaded, capacity, accuracy
Weaknesses: ROF is slightly lacking (lever action)
Description: The Diatron is the Vortex equivalent of the RoughCut, and has a higher capacity but lower ROF. Nevertheless, multishot ability is always incredibly dangerous in close quarters. Although the Diatron can't put out discs as fast as the RoughCut puts out darts, it can spew discs out for a little longer, potentially allowing for more hits on opponents and more effective suppression/blind potshot fire.

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