Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Nerf N-Strike vs Elite Round 3: Alpha Trooper CS-18 vs Elite Alpha Trooper CS-12

 A comparison of the two Alpha Troopers, the latter of which is my current favourite blaster.

Both the AT and EAT share a shell design, but IMO the EAT looks better because of the blue, and the white stripe.But of course, no scoring here.
The AT comes with itself, an 18 dart drum, 18 Streamlines and some instructions.
The EAT comes with itself, a 12 dart clip (mag), 12 Elites and some instructions.
Obviously the AT wins.
The AT can get anywhere between 9-12m, but most consistently around 10m.
The EAT gets 11-12m consistently.
The EAT barely wins this round.
The AT, with Streamlines, has somewhat erratic accuracy, although is better than most other clip (mag) system blasters. Hitting a human target at 10m is likely but not guaranteed.
The EAT is surprisingly accurate partly thanks to the Elite darts, possible partly thanks to the rifling (but unlikely), and partly due to the firing mechanism. Hitting a human target at 10m is practically guaranteed.
The EAT wins this round.
The AT and EAT, sharing the same shell and general design both are quite easy to fire, slam fire, reload and rarely, if ever, jam. The EAT and AT differ in one main aspect in usability - their respective clip (mag)/drum. The EAT uses a 12 dart clip (mag), which as a straight clip (mag) is capable of feeding darts quite fast, and pretty much never jams up. The AT uses an 18 dart drum, which like its bigger brother the 35 dart drum has a tendency to weaken over time. I speak from experience - I have four and all of them have weakened. They also have a much greater chance of jamming up or misfeeding, and because of that the EAT wins this round.
Rate of Fire:
The AT and EAT have identical designs, and thus equal ROF.
The AT holds 18 darts, while the EAT holds 12.
Obviously the AT wins here.
Value for Money/Availability:
Both the AT and EAT are Target exclusives, available for $29 AUD. The AT's higher capacity would normally give it the edge despite the EAT's slightly better blasting ability, but the 18 dart drum's misfeeding rate and its tendency to weaken over time make this round a draw.

Overall the N-Strike Alpha Trooper CS-18 has won 2 rounds, the Elite Alpha Trooper CS-12 3, with 2 ties. Thus the Elite Alpha Trooper is the superior Alpha, although barely. Either blaster is a great choice for ordinary Nerfer, but for the hardcore modder the EAT has a direct plunger vs the AT's reverse plunger, so the EAT is the better choice in that respect.

After the third Elite vs N-Strike post, the score is:
Elite: 3 -- N-Strike: 0
Although to be honest, a more accurate score would be 2.2-0.8 since the last two rounds have been really close.

After the alteration of a previous Elite vs N-Strike post, the score is:
Elite: 2 -- N-Strike:1


  1. The EAT didn't win barely. The ATs points were only scored because it had 18 darts instead of 12.
    1st point Accessories: had 18 darts and drum instead of 12 darts and clip.
    2nd point Capacity: had 18 dart drum instead of 12 dart clip.
    The EAT is superior!
    Great review anyway!

  2. Hey, just one question for the Range/Power section but are both guns using elite darts?

    Thanks, Ryan

    1. The EAT is using Elite darts and the Alpha is using Streamlines. I test ranges with the ammo included with the blaster.

    2. Sooo... is the older n-strike blaster more powerful than the new elite one? :(

    3. Downtuned Elite is barely better than N-strike.

    4. What I mean is if both blasters fired elite darts, which one would have more range?

    5. I'm actually not sure, I don't have any stock Alphas to test. Sorry.

  3. i feel very disappointed because i have an old AT and the new EAT is less powerful :(
    I also have a nite finder and was thinking about upgrading it's more powerful spring into my EAT.
    Do you think it is a good choice and are there any other springs you thing would work with the EAT.
    I can but i'll have to ask my parents.

    1. Well you could try sourcing the spring from a US-spec Retal/Rampage/EAT. That will get you orange trigger ranges (50ish feet flat). Alternatively if you want power, the OMW 5kg spring is great for mid level power. Besides that, you could try the Black Tactical 8.5kg spring or the Xplorer spring (which I believe is rated at 12kg?).

      A Nitefinder spring in a Retal is pretty powerful, so I'd assume that an NF spring in an EAT is quite good.

    2. I'm...a liitle help here. the nite finder spring doesn't quite fit as it is a bit too thick. is this a problem for you?

    3. You do need to shave down the back of the spring rest. Check this link for some pictures for it.

    4. Can I use the EAT upgraded spring by orange mod works on the AT?

    5. No, they are very internally different.