Monday, 8 April 2013

Loadouts 6: Personal Loadouts Part 1

Although there have been a large number of loadouts already featured previously, none of them have actually been designed specifically for ourselves, but rather for an ordinary Nerfer. Some of these may suit some of you out there, but chances are you'll have to tweak them slightly for your own needs.

Scenario Description: Loadouts that we use.
Keys to Victory: N/A
Unnecessary Burdens: N/A

Clip (Mag) System 1 (General use)

Primary: N-Strike Alpha Trooper CS-18 (Pinpoint Sight, Retal/Barricade stock, 12/18 dart clip [mag], Secret Strike Pocket Shotgun on custom side tac rail, no AR, OMW spring)
Secondary: Spectre REV-5/Snapfire 8/Elite Firestrike
Gear: N-Strike Tactical Vest
Ammo: 12/18 dart clips (mag), whatever suitable darts (most likely to be stefans or Elite darts)
Purpose: To provide well rounded, tacticool and generally awesome clip (mag) system-ness.
Strengths: Range (primary), ROF, reloading is fast, SSPS provides emergency/spread shots at reasonable range, secondary is good and reliable, jamming is rare
Weaknesses: Accuracy (unless use of stefans, primary specific), primary is useless while reloading, reloading Firestrike
Description: It's no secret that the AT is my go-to blaster and one of my all-time favourites, so it's only fitting that it features first. The AT is somewhat low profile, has slam-fire, a great stock seal and great ranges, as well as a decent amount of customisation. Accuracy is somewhat lacking, but because everyone uses clip (mag) system blasters it's not a disadvantage. The SSPS is for backup shots, and I rarely use it (which is good), but it has been very helpful. The secondary is for use when I lack the ability to reload my clips (mags) when they're empty. Expect an update on this loadout when I get an Elite AT.

Clip (Mags) System 2 (General use)

Primary: N-Strike Rayven CS-18 (whatever attachments I feel like, 12/18 dart clips [mags], 2 or 3 14500s, rewired)
Secondary: Spectre REV-5/Snapfire 8/Elite Firestrike
Gear: N-Strike Tactical Vest
Ammo: 12/18 dart clips (mags), whatever suitable darts (most likely to be stefans or Elite darts)
Purpose: To provide tacticool flywheel goodness, which gives easy to get high ranges and spammability
Strengths: Range (primary), ROF, reloading is super fast, secondary is good and reliable, practically no chance of jams
Weaknesses: Accuracy (unless use of stefans, primary specific), primary must be revved up for max range, rapid fire reduces range temporarily, range lost over time due to draining of batteries, reloading Firestrike
Description: Besides the AT, the only other CS blaster I would consider using that I have used (until my Longshot gets fixed up) is the Rayven (and to a certain extent, the Retaliator). No other blaster I've used has had the same blend of range, ROF, spammability and awesome factor, which is provided by flywheeling goodness. In particular, the Stryfe also offers what I consider to be the greatest tacticool potential of any blaster so far, featuring a stock attachment point, barrel extension muzzle, 2 tac rails (one on top, one on bottom) and clip (mag) compatability. Despite having to rev up (which I consider to be a firing delay) I still find the Rayven and its cousins to be really fun to use. Admittedly as of writing this post I've only used the N-Strike Rayven, but the Elite Rayven is essentially the same (if not better), and many, many people say the Stryfe is awesome so expect an update of this loadout in the future.

Clip (Mag) System 3 (WIP, Sniper)

Primary: N-Strike Longshot CS-6 (brass breech [which must be fixed], +AT spring, whatever tacticool I feel like, 12 dart clips [mags])
Secondary: Spectre REV-5/Snapfire 8
Gear: N-Strike Tactical Vest
Ammo: 12 dart clips (mags), stefans
Purpose: To provide high power, high accuracy clip (mag) fed goodness from the revered Longshot.
Strengths: Range (primary), reloading, blaster can still be loaded while reloading, accuracy, can have shotgun effect by double/triple feeding
Weaknesses: ROF is lacking, Longshot is quite bulky
Description: My current Longshot has been brass breeched badly, and is not getting the range or accuracy it should. I intend to rectify this ASAP by getting replacement brass, allowing it to reach maximum potential. Longshots are reknowned for their huge plunger tubes which result in awesome ranges with strong springs and good stefans, and I intend to use a somewhat watered down version more suitable to my wars. The Longshot's one key weakness is lack of ROF, which most other clip (mag) system blasters have, but the sheer power of the Longshot gives it an advantage to hide its disadvantage. A special feature of using a brass breech is that you can double or even triple feed, yet have all the darts leave the barrel at a reasonable velocity (obviously reduced from a single shot but still usable), effectively turning the Longshot into a shotgun. This sort of makes up for the lack of ROF, in that multi-shots can be just as deadly in close quarters as rapid fire.

Clip (Mag) System 4 (CQC)

Primary: Elite Retaliator (no attachment or just Retal stock, 12 dart clip [mag])
Secondary: Elite Jolt
Gear: None
Ammo: 12 dart clips (mags), Elite darts/stefans
Purpose: To allow for maneuverability in close quarters while still providing good blasting ability
Strengths: Range (primary), reloading, ROF, extremely light, maneuverability
Weaknesses: Vulnerability when reloading, accuracy (with Elite darts)
Description: A number of the wars I have are hosted in a house, so ranges aren't totally necessary and maneuverability is much more important. Thus I crafted this super easy to get loadout which is powerful and rapid fire, but light and small so I don't knock any walls or doorframes, chairs, vases etc. The Retal gets good ranges and can fire reasonably quickly when required, and is light and easily maneuverable. The Jolt and spare 12 clip(s) (mags) fit easily in a number of pockets in my various pants, so I have no need for the tac vest. Also because most of these battles are quite short, I have no need to scavange darts and store them for future use.
This loadout is not too well suited for larger wars I have at the playgrounds you see in many of my war vids, because one of my Retals is stock, and the other only lightly modded and thus lack the range of the above blasters, and the Elite Jolt is not powerful compared to say, my Firestrike.

Vortex 1 (General Use)
Primary: Vortex Pyragon (40 disc drum)
Secondary: Spectre REV-5/Snapfire 8/Elite Firestrike
Gear: Vortex Ammo Belt
Ammo: 10 disc mags, darts for secondary
Purpose: To provide high range and accuracy which can be spammed about, and make maximum use of Vortex discs
Strengths: Range (primary), reloading, blaster can still be loaded when reloading, accuracy, capacity (primary)
Weaknesses: Discs vulnerable to wind and rain, discs curve, reloading Firestrike
Description: The Pyragon is widely accepted as the best Vortex blaster so far, boasting a ridiculous capacity of 40 discs in a huge drum, ranges beyond that of ordinary vortex, consistent disc curving (and thus accuracy) and an insane ROF of nearly 7 discs per second. I've used this to great effect, once taking out an entire team on my own with Pyragon slam fire, which won us the game (it was CTF). The secondary is merely for dart usage, since Vortex is still far inferior in terms of appearance on the battlefield.

Single Shot 1 (Sniper)
Primary: Avengers Hawkeye Bow (modded to fire darts)
Secondary: Elite Stryfe (12/18 dart clip [mag], on bandolier, 2 or 3 14500s, rewired)
Gear: N-Strike Tac Vest
Ammo: 12/18 dart clips (mags), suitable darts (Elites or Stefans)
Purpose: To provide high range and accuracy firepower, with clip (mag) fed rapid fire backup
Strengths: Range (primary), accuracy (primary), rapid fire (secondary), reloading (secondary)
Weaknesses: Reloading (primary), accuracy (secondary)
Description: The idea of being a sniper is that you can hit your opponents from ranges that their blasters cannot reach. With the BBB's huge plunger tube, this is easy with some simple mods. With high power single shots also comes a slow reload time, so for close quarter battles or for when the BBB is not loaded, the Stryfe can be pulled out to deliver a small wall of foam into your opponent's face at a reasonably close range. Notice that the strengths and weaknesses of the blasters are contrasting, so as to provide maximum scenario coverage.


  1. can u explain brass breach cause I don't see how it could fire 3 shots at once

    1. In a normal CS blaster, the breech accepts the dart, while a dart door pushes the dart into place. Like so:
      In this way trying to multi-feed will merely squish darts because there is no space left. The dart door retracts to fire, but because of CS blaster design it does not retract to allow multi feeding.

      In a brass breeched blaster, the breech pushes the dart directly into the barrel. Like so:
      In most cases there will be space in the barrel for several darts. The breech will push another dart into the barrel, pushing the first dart forward. Because the barrel does not obstruct dart movement, you can put multiple darts into it without squishing.

    2. If you pull out the dart door you can shoot like a shot gun?

    3. Actually you don't need to pull out the dart door, you just have to drop extra darts down the barrel. But to fire the all darts your Longshot will need more power.