Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Comparison: Nerf Stampede ECS vs Alpha Trooper CS-18

Well I had some time to kill, so I thought I'd write this up.

This is a comparison post of the Stampede ECS vs the Alpha Trooper CS-18.

In this sense, the Alpha Trooper is very similar to the Recon, but much lower profile. It is very minimalist.
The Stampede on the other hand looks awesome.
The Alpha Trooper comes with itself, a cute but extremely useful 18 dart drum and 18 Streamlines.
The Stampede comes with itself, 3*18 dart clips (mags), a 6 dart clip (mag), a blast shield, a foregrip/bipod and 60 Streamlines. Value packs include extra darts, clips (mags) and a Bandolier.
The Stampede slaughters the AT in this aspect.
The Alpha Trooper gets consistent 11-14m shots. The Stampede on the other hand, when stock, barely managed about 10m range. After mods, it's fine, but in stock condition, it's not great.
The Alpha Trooper wins this round.
This is the controversial section. Streamlines are notorious for being inaccurate and inconsistent. This is more apparent in the Stampede, which has a 2m diameter spray. On the other hand, the AT gets about 0.75m spray, and that's normally on the odd fail shot.
AT wins this by a large margin.
The Stampede is full auto, so it's a case of put batteries in it, turn it on, point and spray. However, jams become more often on low battery power, 6*D batteries are very heavy, and it's difficult to fire single shots due to the Stampede's firing system.
On the other hand, an AT is easy to use. Pull the slide back, put the clip (mag) in, push the slide forward and pull the trigger. It hardly jams (500+ shots and has jammed maybe once on a bad dart), it's easy to use (slide is very smooth) and it's versatile thanks to its accuracy, power and slam fire.
The AT wins this by another fairly large margin.
Rate of fire:
The Stampede gets about 3dps on fresh batteries, and more so on extra powerful batteries. However, at higher voltages, jams and misfires become quite frequent because the breech system can't keep up.
On the other hand, an AT with it's slamfire can get a consistent 5dps without jams or misfires, provided the clips (mags)/drums are loaded well.
The AT wins this one on the minor technicality of the Stampede's jamming and misfiring.
The Stampede comes with 3*18 clips (mags) and a 6 clip (mag), totalling 60 darts capacity.
The AT on has one 18 drum, and hence can only hold 18.
The Stampede once again slaughters the AT.
Value for Money/Availability:
The Stampede's RRP is $100, although can be found for about $50 in sales. The AT is $30 RRP, with a sale price of $23. The Stampede is just about everywhere and the AT is a Target exclusive.
Because of the accessories a Stampede comes with, it takes this round.

Overall:The AT has won 4 rounds, the Stampede 3, with one tie.
Therefore, I declare the Alpha Trooper CS-18 the superior blaster, although the Stampede is far better as a 'booster pack' for your other blasters.


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