Friday, 2 December 2011

Nerf Ammo Box Review

The Nerf Ammo Box was released some time ago (2009 or something), and is very basic. It comes with 100 darts of either Sonic Micro (Whistlers with reversed colour scheme) or Streamlines (of course). The box itself is just plastic, with simple detailing.
In essence, it's a relatively cheap made box, but for the price, it's a good ammo replenishment and storage item to purchase.

The box is made of relatively thin grey plastic and is advertised to hold 300 darts. I've managed to fit 250 Sonic Micros with a little space to spare, so 300 darts is possible. It is capable of much more, such as holding clips (mags), drums, ammo belts and torches, as demonstrated by SG Nerf:
In it are 5*6 dart clips (mags), 2 Magstrike clips and a Vulcan Belt. However, using these methods to hold darts drastically reduces the total dart storage - in this case the box is full, and it's only holding 75 darts. (30 from clips [mags], 20 from Magstrike clips, 25 from belt)
Although the plastic is rather thin and flexible, this does help prolong lifespan - it can survive more bumps and hits than a more rigid box, although is more easily damaged by sharp tools and corners. The box is more than strong enough for its purpose though, since the foam darts it stores don't add much weight to an already light box.
The clasp mechanism on mine was quite loose (the lid can randomly open if held upside down), but the lid holds itself down by gravity, and you can always use tape to hold it closed. I use a ruler wedged between the clasp and the box to keep it closed. Given its cheapness, it wasn't unexpected.
EDIT: I receieved 2 more boxes for my birthday, and those two both had tight clasps.
In Australia, it's available for $29 at K Mart. This is good value as Camo Ammo Bags are $30, as well as AT's.
All in all, I recommend this if you need darts and/or a storage method. There's no real reason not to have this.

Pic credit to SGNerf.


  1. They should have a half 'n' half ammo box.Half sonic darts and half streamlines. 50 darts for each type.

    1. For some reason that doesn't seem logical in my mind. It wouldn't be marketable because people would only buy the half-half ammo box rather than get two 100 boxes, thus cutting profits in half.
      Maybe it's just easier to package them separately rather than mix them up. (darts made in different factories?)