Sunday, 4 December 2011

Comparison: Nerf Maverick REV-6 vs Spectre REV-5

This post will be a comparison post between the Maverick REV-6 and Spectre REV-5. I have both, and have used them extensively.

The Maverick is quite large and bold, but is also the most recognised blaster in the world (being so popular), having been out for numerous years. The Spectre on the other hand, if far more low profile, being thinner and less bold. The attachment of its silencer also adds to this effect. Being new (late 2010 released), it is far less recognised than the good 'ole Maverick. As beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I will not declare a winner.
The Maverick comes with itself and some suctions/whistlers (and in the case of Gear Up, a Vortex disc and extra Gear Up darts). The Spectre comes with itself, 5 whistlers, a silencer and a folding stock.
Due to the addition of the extras, the Spectre wins this round. 
Mavericks from around 2007 to around 2009 have an average range of 9 or so metres with suctions. I am not sure about the range of the original blue ones, having never used or seen one. Mavericks from about 2010 onwards have 10+m ranges, as do Sonic Mavericks. I also believe Gear Up and Whiteout Mavericks have 11+m ranges, Whiteout being the most powerful.
Spectres get around 12+m ranges with good whistlers. This is expected due to the apparent improvements in Nerf technology throughout the years.
The Spectre wins this round.
Mavericks, using suction darts, are extremely accurate. However, as the barrel rotation is reliant on trigger pull, and barrel-plunger alignment relies on a perfect trigger pull, it can be a little inaccurate.
On the other hand, the Spectre, despite using whistlers, is also extremely accurate. It is even more accurate when using Suctions. Also, the Spectre's barrel rotates upon priming, and the turning mechanism is different to that of a Maverick's, so the barrel are almost always aligned correctly.
The winner of this round is also the Spectre.
The Maverick primes upon pulling the slide, while the barrel turns on trigger pull. This can create issues where the barrel does not align correctly with the plunger output, reducing range and accuracy. Also, the slide, having no gripping mechanisms, can be a little hard to prime, more so when one's hand is greasy, sweaty or wet. The barrel also pops out a part of the way it could, exposing only one or two barrels.
On the other hand, the Spectre is far more user friendly. Its barrel rotates on priming, so the barrel-plunger output alignment is far more consistent and accurate. The slide has lips which keep one's hand in place, making it easier to prime and reducing the effects of a greasy, sweaty or wet hand. The barrel on the Spectre pops out all the way, exposing 3 or so barrels (the rest obscured by the mechanism which holds the barrel in place).
The winner of this round is yet again the Spectre.
Rate of fire:
The Maverick can achieve approx 3 darts per second, although usually only if the hand used to pull the slide is not greasy, sweaty or wet, due to the lack of gripping mechanisms on the slide. The Maverick is also prone to misfires, reducing the ROF.
The Spectre on the other hand, can achieve a consistent 3 darts per second no matter what condition your hand due to its barrel revolving mechanism and its slide design.
The winner of this round is yet again the Spectre.
The Maverick begins to claw back some points here. It holds 6 darts, while the Spectre holds five.
The Maverick wins this round (obviously).
Value for Money/Availability:
Yet again, the Maverick claws back some points. It is available from almost everywhere for approx $10 AUD if bought from the right place, or at the right time. The Spectre, on the other hand is only available at Aussie Targets for $24 off sale. (down to $19 on sale)
The Maverick wins this round too.

The Spectre has won 5 rounds. The Maverick has won 2.
Therefore, I declare the Spectre REV-5 as the overall winner. I also personally prefer the Spectre to the Maverick, due to its feel.


  1. Growing up I always preferred pistol style Nerf blasters. I felt that they allowed me to hide more and surprise my friends...and I could run a bit faster.

    I don't remember the name of it, but I had one with a hidden shot in the bottom of the gun that you could fire separately. That was pretty sweet back then.

    1. Was it lime green? It could have been a Secret Shot or something. But yeah, pistols are much better for mobility and surprise. Given my warzones are very close and relatively open, surprises aren't really possible.

  2. ive got the mav and tomorrow im getting the spectre (relative of the plane)

  3. I got both of these guns and they work as good as each other although the spectre has a better look to it.