Friday, 16 December 2011

2011 Nerf Sum-up

This post will be a round up of everything Nerf in 2011.
Firstly, we have the release of a new Dart Tag range (albeit not in Aus *sad*). They all sport curved sleek shells in black and yellow, and introduce new concepts in Nerf - the quick load slot and battery powered full auto revolvers.

Dart Tag
The Sharpshot Single Shot Pistol
Ranges: On the internet, said to be around 25ft
ROF: About 1 dart per 3 seconds
Accuracy: Excellent
Capacity: 1 in barrel, 3 in holders
The Speedload 6 Inbuilt Mag Fed Pistol
Range: 30-35ft supposedly
ROF: 3-5dps at best (has slamfire)
Accuracy: Good
Capacity: Up to 6 in built in mag

The Quick 16 Inbuilt Mag Fed Assault Rifle
Range: 30-35ft supposedly
ROF: up to 5dps (slamfire)
Accuracy: Good
Capacity: Up to 16 in built in mag

The Swarmfire Full Auto Super Large Revolver
Range: 30ft or so supposedly
ROF: 3-4dps on fresh batteries
Accuracy: Decent
Capacity: 20
We also had the release of Vortex, a family of blasters shooting discs at a 60ft (18m) stock range.
The Proton Single Shot Pistol
Range: 55-65ft
ROF: about 1 disc per 3 seconds
Accuracy: Good until 50+ft
Capacity: 1
The Vigilon Multi Shot Pistol
Range: 55-65ft
Accuracy: Good
ROF: about 3 dps at best
Capacity: 5-7, depending on squishability of discs and user's dexterity
The Praxis Magazine Fed Rifle
Range: 60ft+
Accuracy: Good to 55+ft
ROF: 3dps
Capacity: Variable (10 in included mag)
The Nitron Full Auto Magazine Fed LMG
Range: 55-60ft supposedly
Accuracy: OK - could be a lot better
ROF: 2-3 dps depending on batteries
Capacity: Variable (20 in included mag)
N-Strike Jolt EX-1
This is the surprise of the year really. Noone saw it coming, and the general response on the interwebs was that it's awesome.
Range: 40ft +
Accuracy: Excellent
ROF: About 1 dart per 3 seconds
Capacity: 1 in barrel

N-Strike Scout IX-3 
The Scout got a new paintjob to match that of the majority of N-Strike blasters.
Range: 30+ft
Accuracy: Excellent
ROF: About 1 dart every 3 seconds
Capacity: 1 in barrel, 2 in holders
Pic from NM&R

Sonic Series
The Sonic series had a revamp with a few more blasters added to the line up.
-Stampede ECS
NM&R Pics
-Longstrike CS-6
NM&R Pics
-Barrel Break IX-2
NM&R Pics
-Barricade RV-10
SG Nerf Pics

Gear Up Series
The Gear Up series is a family of N-strike blasters with new orange with black stripes paintjobs, as well as special printed darts and a Vortex disc with each (ie sneaky marketing campaign).
-Maverick REV-6
-Recon CS-6
-Raider CS-35
-Barricade RV-10
Some tasty UT pic spam.

Whiteout Series
Arguably the best looking Nerf repaint series so far, Whiteout blasters also seem to have improved performance compared to all others, as shown by NM&R's Nitefinder and Maverick comparisons.
-Longstrike CS-6
-Deploy CS-6
-Maverick REV-6
-Nitefinder EX-3
More delicious UT pic spam.

Barricade Special Repaints
The Barricade also received two Transformers themed repaints.
The repaints were of Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. (SG Nerf links)

And that's Nerf of 2011. Mostly repaints, but we get an awesome new micro pistol, a revamped Dart Tag line, and some powerful disc blasters in the form of Vortex.

2012 looks to be promising, with UT giving us a preview of the seemingly awesome semi auto bullpup flywheeled Rayven CS-18 (with fancy glow in the dark darts) and both UT and SG Nerf showcasing the not-so-revolutionary full auto DT Speedswarm 10 shot revolver.


  1. I can't wait for the Rayven. Do you think it'll be available in Aus and NZ? Or will I have to order it from Amazon or somewhere?

  2. I hope it'll be available in Aus, but I honestly have no idea. Given the hype it's generated, I'm pretty sure Nerf will decide to ship us some.

  3. The Speedswarm may not be revolutionary, but I got an AWESOME unit! 55 feet flat, from shoulder, unmodded!

    1. o.O
      That's quite scary for a stock blaster. It's still outclassed by the N-Strike Elite rumours on UT (and subsequently most other blogs), but 55ft from a unit from current production runs is quite awesome frankly.
      Nice find!