Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Secret Strike AS-1 Mini Review + Recon Light Integration

The Secret Strike AS-1 is a tiny air-powered blaster. It is the smallest blaster available (and probably ever made), yet it boasts rather potent ranges. It comes with 2 Suction darts and a cut-out target. The Secret Strike also has a hook thingy that can clip to...anything small.

In terms of aesthetics, the SS is kind of weird. This isn't surprising given it's tiny size.

The Secret Strike has a small circular push-down trigger on the top, and a small-ish pump underneath the barrel. The package recommends a maximum of 7 pumps, but it can withstand 20+ pumps, for incredible power. I haven't dared to try it yet. This makes it ideal for sniping (sort of) when only stock blasters are allowed. Because the SS uses suction darts, it is quite accurate.

I've pumped one of my new ones 15 pumps before an OPV kicks in, and ranges are 15m with Whistlers.

The Secret Strike is slightly awkward to hold, being in an odd shaped shell. This isn't surprising, given its small size.

In Aus, you can get Secret Strikes for $3, which is less than the official Nerf RRP in the US ($4). The US price, for products listed on their site is normally twice the amount, and more. The SS has ranges of around 9m at 7 pumps, which is decent for the size and price of the blaster.

At this price, I highly recommend this blaster as a last-stand/stealth attack blaster. Think of it like the hidden blade in Assassin's Creed. I recommend you get yourself something more suitable as a primary such as an AT, but get this as a final-stand blaster.

Due to the emergence of spring powered pocket blasters (namely the Jolt and Triad), I can no longer recommend the Secret Strike as a pocket pistol because it does not have the range, ROF or reload speed because the SS must be pumped 7 times. Unless you are willing to expand the Secret Strike's tank, the Secret Strike is relatively worthless.

Potential power is extremely high, accuracy is excellent, is extremely small, potential is very high (if you're inclined to tank expand), said potential is achievable with $10 of materials
Extremely uncomfortable to hold, pump is very small and awkward to use, has many reliability issues, requires many pumps to reach good ranges

Power: 4/7
Accuracy: 4/5
Value for Money: 4/5
Usefulness: 3/5
Rate of fire: 0.5/5
Overall: 2.87/5

Personal Rating: 3/5 - much prefer the Jolt, but modified it's an absolute beast.

Epic potential power, super cheap.

The Recon Dual Mode Light, as I have stated before, is about 99% useless. It also takes the rough shape, when attached to a Recon or Longstrike barrel, of an M203 underslung grenade launcher. It is on this basis that I decided to stick an SS inside a Recon Light.

The Secret Strike still functions the same. The pieces of paper are dart holders. I've actually now shortened it so it fits on my Stampede properly when a clip (mag) is loaded. This makes the SS intergration modular, as you can stick it to any tactical rail with enough clearance.

How to make it:
You need:
Secret Strike (duh)
Recon Dual Mode Light (duh again)
Some space-filling adhesive (e.g. hot glue)

How to do it:
1) Remove the Secret Strike from its shell by unscrewing the 4 metal screws. That's all you need to do with the SS, although you can do whatever mods if you want.
2) Unscrew the Recon Light and completely gut it.
3) Cut/sand/etc the guiding bits that let the Recon light slide back and forth to change the mode. These prevent the SS from fitting properly.
4) Make a large hole for the SS trigger to fit. Push the SS trigger through this hole.
5) Cut out a portion of the shell on the other side so the SS pump will fit.
6) Use your adhesive (I used hot glue) and glue the SS down. You can also fill in some gaps to make it look better (like I did).
7) Screw the shell back together
8) Attach it to a Tactical rail and test the SS to make sure no damage has been done.
Extra Step 9) Cut off the back grey part so it will fit underneath a Stampede properly while a clip (mag) is loaded. Be warned: this ruins its look when attached to a Recon/Longstrike Barrel.

Alternatives: You could try using a Longshot/Tactical scope or the Tactical Light as the shell, and maybe use a Reflex as the blaster to put inside the attachment.


  1. I just use a Crossfire; one of the dart tag pistols? It's able to slide onto tactical rails.

  2. I don't have one. But otherwise, yes. A much better choice.