Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Nerf Bandolier Kit Mini Review

Here's a small review of the N-Strike Bandolier, and whether I think it's worth your $20 or not.

First of all, it comes with 2 6 dart clips (mags) and 24 Streamline darts. The majority of larger Nerf blasters currently available use clip (mag) system, so this kit complements those blasters well. It can hold 6 clips (mags)/drums, making it great for use with any CS blaster. It also holds 12 seperate darts, which are useful reloading clips (mags), and also a sidearm.

The Bandolier has 2 hooks which can be used for holding just about any blaster. You could also choose not to clip it to anything and just have it hanging on your body. When around your body, the Bandolier does not really get in the way, unless it's loose.
The elastic it uses for clips (mags) can also be used for holding small blasters.

In theory, then, the Bandolier can hold up to 210 darts in 35 dart drums, and 12 more. The problem with this idea though, is that the Bandolier struggles to securely and comfortably hold any clips (mags) larger than 6 or 12 dart clips (mags). 18 clips (mags) flap about a lot and get really annoying, even 12 dart clips (mags) do this to some extent. Drums just don't work very well because the elastic loops hook around the straight part of the drums, which is at the end of the drum, allowing them to fairly easily fall out from their own weight.

Also rather awkwardly, unless you're very large, several of the clip (mag) holding loops will be in awkward places, such as on your shoulder and your back, making them effectively useless.

6-dart clips (mags) are worth around $5 each, however 6 dart clips (mags) aren't very useful when there are 18 dart clips (mags) and drums in abundance. If you're going to make a 12 dart clip (mag) from the 6 clips (mags), then great, but 6 dart clips (mags) on their own are pretty pathetic. The Bandolier also includes 24 Streamlines, which is a nice inclusion worth about $5. The Bandolier itself is also worth a couple of dollars as a sling, as it's decently made and stitched, and the hooks at either end are pretty good.
The Bandolier is useful if you need a way to easily carry around an extra blaster as well as a bit more ammo, but don't get it expecting to be able to carry hundreds of spare darts.

Usefulness: 3/5
Value for Money: 4/5
Coolness: 2/5 - Compared to the Tac Vest, this doesn't look nearly as awesome.
Cumbersomeness: 5/5
Overall: 2.8/4


  1. um well i try to put the long strike on it and the problem is that the long strike doesn't have and upper hook thing to clip in on. That makes it hard to put on your back and carry. Plus i have a small back and im 16 kid of sad... But the point is that it drags on me and its annoying. I have tighten it to where it is up to the dart holing part and it still is loose. But i got that tactical vest and i think its much more better for fast easy combat, plus it fits on my back firmly.

  2. That's the problem with blasters like that. I have a Longshot, and it's a pain to put a sling on. Sure, it's got two points but they're both on the top, which makes it annoying to sling behind your back.

  3. Works great and i can carry a jolt and/or a scout as well as up to five extra clips. Great for any serious nerfer

  4. This kit is amazing! I also have a longstrike and longshot and it perfectly fits the longstrike!

  5. I use it to carry my Hail-Fire all the time and it fits perfectly!