Sunday, 6 February 2011

Nerf Barricade & Reflex usage tips

1) Pull the trigger hard, and all the way. Jamming in this blaster is hard to fix and damages your darts. Pulling the trigger properly drastically reduces the chance of jams.
2) Don't forget that the jam door turns off the motors. Make sure it is closed when you try to fire it.
3) Have a stock - this will improve your accuracy slightly, and helps you cope with the slight recoil. If you're dual wielding, don't bother because it'll just impede your mobility.
4) Don't use Streamline darts - they don't fire very far.
5) Don't forget that Whistler/Sonic Micro darts can curve, and more so at higher voltages.
6) To reload easily, open the jam door, and pull the trigger to advance the barrel. This compensates for the inability to flip-out the barrel or remove the barrel. Alternatively, mod your Barricade in such a way that you can swap barrels when you need to reload (not easy, but possible. NMR has done one)
7) Learn to spray/spam. The Barricade's semi auto nature, coupled with it's high capacity for a sidearm, lends it to being used as a rapid fire sidearm rather than a precision pistol. Dual Barricades provide 20 darts of rapid fire close range spray. That sort of fire can dissuade just about anyone.

3.6v: 10m
4.5v: 13m
6.1v: 15-20m
8.6v: 22m+
12.6v: Not tested properly, but very, very far.

1) Push the darts in all the way, to the point when the tip is squished in the orange barrel tip. This ensures the AR is open as much as possible, providing maximum power and air seal.
2) Stick with Whistler darts - they perform the best in the Reflex.
3) Don't be afraid to use the Reflex. Just because it's a single-shot last-stand type blaster doesn't mean you have to run out of ammo first to be able to use it.
4) Don't go crazy with the Reflex. It's a single shot and you'll get completely owned by just about everything else.

The Reflex is quite fool-proof, being a single-shot, but the Barricade can have jamming issues.


  1. P.s, Reflex good for people who are good at muzzle-loading weapons

  2. The 22.6V on the barricade is crazy!