Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Quick Review: Containment Crew Cyclone Flywheels

As it turns out, I completely forgot to post a review of the CC Cyclone wheels I'd acquired a couple of months ago. I initially held off awaiting combat testing, but that's already happened and I completely forgot to make this post.
As a quick aside, I ordered these from Out of Darts' Etsy store, which I'd highly recommend if you need parts that he stocks. Shipping cost was as reasonable as can be expected for US to Aus, and shipping time was quite fast.

Cyclone wheels are quite heavy, at around 7.7-7.8g. From the four I ordered, three read 7.8g and the last one read 7.7g, so they're pretty consistent weight wise.

Cyclone wheels are relatively low concavity compared to most other aftermarket flywheels, at only a ~1mm difference in centre and edge diameters.
This difference is more pronounced when comparing the Cyclone wheels to any of its contemporaries side-by-side, for instance next to the Artifact G2 wheels as pictured above. While its central diameter is roughly comparable, most other aftermarket flywheels have a larger edge diameter.
Here's a set of Cyclone flywheels installed in my Bullpup RS, in an Artifact red cage with a Morpheus guide (which has since been switched back to my brass one). Installation is pretty simple, the wheels have a tight but manageable shaft fit, tight enough to survive Neo Hellcats but not so tough that they're very difficult to adjust or remove. The only installation-related issue I have is that the very low concavity makes Cyclone wheels a little harder to judge alignment with the barrel than most other aftermarket wheels.

I've had the Cyclone wheels in my Bullpup RS, with an adjusted brass guide, for around three months. It's seen action in two HvZ events in this setup and performed admirably. The wheels seem well balanced and produce a harmonious noise. Additionally, between the Cyclone wheels and the adjusted brass guide, I was getting further improved accuracy and consistency over my previous builds. At least part of this needs to be attributed to me finally aligning the guide properly, but the Cyclone wheels have also done their part well. There is some limited chrono data of the Cyclone wheels in my chrono data sheet (see top right of the blog), but not much, if any in its current form.

Personally, I really like Cyclone flywheels. Although a little heavy (resulting in slower spin-up times on lower torque motors), they are well balanced and perform very nicely. Additionally, the shaft fit is a good balance between being tight enough to stay on even the torque-iest motors, and loose enough to adjust or remove with fear of damage. The cost to get them in to Australia was certainly not ideal, at ~25AUD before US to Aus shipping. Regardless, if you're willing to stomach the cost, I'd definitely recommend them. Of the aftermarket flywheels I've tried so far (Hooligan Fly-Ass, Cyclone, Artifact G1 and G2, Worker), Cyclones are my favourite. They've been the least problematic and most consistent performer of them all.

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