Saturday, 26 May 2018

Quick Mod: Thermal Hunter Lever Mag Release

Quick post on an improvement to my Thermal Hunter's mag release.

Previously my Thermal Hunter used a very questionable mag release design, relying on the mag release lever bending, and a hot glue bond staying intact. Naturally, neither of these worked out well, the hot glue bond broke and the lever fell straight out. This time around, I drill a hole through the lever and anchored a nail in position with epoxy putty. The mag release action is now far smoother, easier and more reliable than before.

Unfortunately this design still retains a major flaw, being that it is difficult to reach the mag release with your main hand. Had I thought this through properly, I would have kept the Retaliator mag release buttons on the handle block and linked those to the mag release. Nonetheless, I'm happy with how this lever release has turned out.

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