Monday, 21 October 2013

Quick Apology regarding Ranges

I received a triplet of OMW springs for my EAT and Retals, and they're great. But that's not the point of this post.
When I was range testing them with a friend, I told him to ensure I was firing flat, and to my dismay it turns out my natural firing angle is much higher than I expected above flat. I believe it's around 15 degrees above flat.
So yep, all the ranges I've quoted in my reviews are probably 10-20% higher than they should be for true flat ranges. I apologise for that misinforming.
Anyway, in the future all ranges fired from natural firing angle will be quoted as 'roughly flat', and shot fired from true flat will be labelled simply as 'flat'.

EDIT: It appears that I hold the pistol type blasters (NF, Firestrike, Mav, etc) closer to flat than larger blasters like the Elite Alpha, so those ranges will just be quoted as flat.

Also a quick apology regarding the HFCBE that was supposed to go live today, one of the shots I did was terrible and really didn't work, so when I find time I'll be reshooting, and once that's done editing and uploading will follow quickly.


  1. S'all right bud, mistakes happen. Personally, I have a miniature contractor's level I ducktaped to an old Recon barrel attachment to make sure my shots really are being made flat.

  2. That is the problem with range tests. People always sub consciously angle a bit. That is why I only use a chrono for comparisons, I have enjoyed your speed shooting tests though!