Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Additions to the Shopping Page

I've made a couple of additions and alterations to the Available Nerf Blasters in Aus page.
Firstly, products and lines which I deem to be 'discontinued', ie go out of stock and don't appear for a while, have their text shrunk to the smallest size possible to save space. I'm not going to delete the discontinued lines though because they are records of the past.
Secondly, each product now has a 'non-sale cheapest' price. Simply put, this is the cheapest price that you can find this product at, if there are no sales or clearances on.
Thirdly, each product has a list of major stores in which it can be purchased. The ones I've listed for the moment are Target, Kmart, BigW, Toys R Us, Toyworld and Myer, as they're the biggest retailers who sell Nerf. Blasters such as the Retaliator will have a number of stores inside it's availability bracket (ie [TA,KM,BW,TRU,MY]) while exclusives like the Elite Alpha will just have one (ie [TA]). Within these lists, at least one store is in bold, and is the store at which the product is available for the non-sale cheapest price.

Hopefully these alterations make the page even more useful.


  1. This is really helpful. Now I know which store I should go to for the cheapest price.

  2. Nerf Mega Centurion is $68 at big w