Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Nerf Elite Pinpoint Sight Review and Pic Spam

The N-Strike Pinpoint Sight was one of the most highly sought after accessories, due to the extreme tacticool of it being a red dot sight. The Elite Pinpoint Sight then came out, but so far has only been available in New Zealand and Singapore (and a few other countries, but notably NZ and SG). Thanks to Raiden at Nerf Canterbury on Facebook, I was able to get myself an EPPS.
Not a whole lot to say, so enjoy the pics and the short text.

The Elite Pinpoint Sight is in fact currently the only sight attachment Nerf has made for the Elite line, excluding the Mission App Attachment thingy because that requires an iPod Touch/iPhone or similarly sized smartphone to be any use at all. Additionally it really isn't a sight, rather more of a blaster cam.

Like its N-Strike brother, the EPPS is modeled after a real-life firearm red dot sight. This combined with its matching Elite paintjob makes the EPPS look awesome on just about any Nerf blaster.
Take this Elite Alpha Trooper for example:

The EPPS uses the same mould as the original PPS, so besides colour it's basically identical.

With the LED on, you can see the red dot on the lens. Though it functions vastly different to an actual red dot sight, you still get the red dot and that's all that matters. Because the red dot is generated by an LED, and not just painted on the lens, the red dot moves around as you tilt the EPPS, making it one of the only functional sights Nerf has made.

It's an awesome looking red dot sight that actually has a functional red dot! That's all that matters.
If you find one, I recommend picking it up because its limited distribution in SG and NZ (and other Asian countries) make it a highly valuable accessory, and it looks sick. Finding one is the real challenge though.

Again, thanks so much to Nerf Canterbury for helping me get my greedy little hands on an Elite Pinpoint Sight!