Friday, 3 May 2013

Loadouts 7: Offence - Moar Rushing (2)

With all sorts of new blasters out now, the old loadouts needed some updating. I've started with rushing because I just got the Stryfe, an ideal blaster for rushing.
Scenario Description: Combat with high concentration of enemies. Player is playing offensively with intent to tag as many as possible, or tag specific player(s). May or may not have backup teammates, depending on situation, severity and importance. Generally will not involve game factors other than players. Player intends to run in and tag as many enemies as possible and may sacrifice themself.
Keys to Victory: Rate of fire is key. Range and accuracy not as important because the player will be close enough to opponents to ensure tags. Fearlessness is helpful, especially with the loadouts that involving running. Fitness is important as you will be running a lot as an offensive player.
Unnecessary Burdens: Sidearms. Normally an attack will end one of two ways: total victory (all or majority of enemies tagged, few or no allies tagged) or failure (few or no enemies tagged, all or most allies tagged). As a result, you will either be alive to reload your primary(ies), running away or returning to base to respawn, and thus have time to reload.

Clip (Mag) System 3
Primary: Elite Stryfe / Elite/N-Strike Rayven x 2 (dual wield, 18 dart clips [mags])
Secondary: Small single shot (e.g. Jolt, Elite Firestrike)
Gear: Anything that holds clips (mags), small dart/disc pouch
Ammo: 18 dart clips (mags), suitable ammo for secondary
Purpose: To make maximum use of the semi auto blasters provided by Nerf, by dual wielding
Strengths: ROF will be insane (combined ROF of two fast firing blasters), reloading clips (mags), ranges are decent
Weaknesses: Extremely vulnerable if both primaries are out of ammo, inaccurate, ranges drop from rapid fire, revving up to fire
Description: The Stryfe and Rayven are both semi auto flywheel clip (mag) system blasters. As such both have potential for high rates of fire, and are small and light allowing for running without heavy burden. Both characteristics are ideal for rushing. Although dual wielding blasters will reduce their accuracy, I feel that the added capacity, ROF and dart output is well worth it, especially for rushing where range and accuracy are not essential.

Multishot 1
Primary: Elite RoughCut 2x4
Secondary: Elite Stryfe / Elite/N-Strike Rayven (12/18 dart clips [mags])
Gear: Anything that holds clips (mags), dart pouch
Ammo: 12/18 dart clips (mags), darts for primary
Purpose: To make maximum use of the multishot capabilities of the RoughCut
Strengths: Dart output of RoughCut (slam-fire + multishot), secondary allows for more prolonged rapid fire, reloading (secondary)
Weaknesses: RoughCut only effectively has 4 shots, reloading (primary), accuracy (primary)
Description: The RoughCut is one of few blasters capable of firing more than one dart at a time, firing 2 at once from 8 barrels. Couple this double shot ability with the slam-fire from its pump action handle, and you have a blaster that can effectively output 8 darts in about a second. As noted by RoughCut users, the darts tend to swerve quite a lot when fired, meaning accuracy will be terrible. For a rusher though, the ability to fire out 2 darts at once and fire all 4 sets in about a second is very useful, meaning that you could easily take out 3 or 4 opponents with the RoughCut with the right timing and application of slam-fire. The RoughCut only effectively has 4 shots, so a backup blaster is needed. As a rusher, you are best off with fast firing and small clip (mag) system blasters, namely the Stryfe or Rayven. Between the RoughCut's multishot and a Stryfe/Rayven's clip (mag) system rapid fire you'll be able to take out 5 opponents or more within 30 seconds.

Vortex 1
Primary: Vortex Pyragon (40/20 disc drum/mag)
Secondary: Nothing/Small single shot (e.g. Elite Triad, Vortex Proton)
Gear: Vortex Ammo Belt or similar ammo holding device
Ammo: 10/20 disc mags, spare ammo for secondary
Purpose: To make maximise on the ridiculous slam-fire ability of the Pyragon
Strengths: Disc output during slam-fire, range, accuracy, reloading
Weaknesses: Vulnerability when mags are empty
Description: The Pyragon is so far the only Vortex blaster to slam-fire, and it pulls off slam-fire very well,
allowing a ROF of nearly 7dps when properly applied. This allows for a veritable storm of discs which even for extremely skilled persons would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to dodge. For longer ranged shots the Pyragon can be single fired for more effective suppression/potshot fire. In the even the Pyragon runs out of ammo, you could carry a secondary, but as a rusher it is much more likely you'll be tagged before running out of ammo if you are well supplied.


  1. If you want to talk about rate-of-fire, I believe the Rampage is definitely worth a mention, for its slam-fire capability, which can rival a flywheel blaster in the right hands, and also for its 25 dart drum, giving it more capacity than any others. The fact that you don't need batteries is also another plus, meaning you can leave it in your desk for months without worrying about the batteries running out or leaking.
    Also, your set 2 is kind of nuts. It makes much more sense to put the Rough-cut as a secondary if you'll be falling back to what was a primary weapon in set 1. Also, no Hailfire? It's not exactly the best, but it's unmatched for capacity, meaning you can shoot and shoot and shoot until your enemies lie in the dust.

    1. I've heard of numerous Rampage jam issues, which would severely hinder ROF and rendering its extra capacity useless. Additionally, since the 25 drum is a universal clip system drum, the Rampage loses the capacity advantage in Loadouts.
      But the main reason the Rampage is not featured anywhere is simply that I don't have one, and have never used it. While I can guarantee that a Roughcut can double fire consistently, or that a Strongarm will perform well as a sidearm, I cannot guarantee anything about the Rampage because of it sharing the Raider's shell (which I hate).
      And as for the rivalling flywheelers, that's true but from my testing a semi auto flywheeler can get about 1dps more than slam fire blasters. Maybe it's just me being weak, but logic dictates that semi auto should be faster than slam fire since trigger pulling has much less distance to move than full priming.

      As for the Roughcut being in the primary slot, I did that only because the loadout itself is based on the Roughcut's ability to multishoot and slam fire, giving it extremely high dart output. Realistically, you'd be using the clip system blaster for general combat, and the Roughcut only for close quarters/point blank rush spam.

      I don't consider the Hailfire to be an effective rush blaster. Rush blasters should generally be smallish and light. A Hailfire with 6 clips is not as effective as a Stryfe/Rayven with an 18, because you have to switch clips around so frequently. Again with a Hailfire with a mix of 6s and 12s, you'll be switching around very frequently and again the 6 clips are pathetic. A Hailfire with all 12s is decent, but already fairly bulky and heavy, and few people have so many 12 clips. A mix of 18s and 6s or just a few 18s is effective, but switching around is much less reliable than with 12s and 6s (unless modded), and the 18s add a lot of weight and bulk to the Hailfire, more so than normal blasters because the Hailfire has more exposed clips. Additionally because of the Hailfire's design it isn't as easy to reload as ordinary blasters.
      Basically it just comes down to the Hailfire's awkward design and the weight when you have multiple 18s in it. With just one or two 18s, it is really much better to just use a Stryfe or Rayven because they're more comfortable to use and easier to reload.
      IMO the Hailfire is more suited to heavy offence/defence than anything else.

    2. Replace that rampage with an EAT!!!
      Talk about great!!!

      BTW, that green rayven, is that the same one on the Bull-pup RS, or is that a different one.

    3. I don't think it's the same Rayven, I believe I acquired another Rayven specifically for that purpose.