Thursday, 30 May 2013

Elite Spectre REV-5

From this (presumably official) Nerf site: (which is a Nerf Tournament site in SG)
I spotted this:

So apparently there's an Elite Spectre coming out. Whether or not it's a true Elite or just a blue repaint remains to be seen. Considering that it was called an 'Elite Spectre REV-5', it may have had an internal overhaul, which would be fantastic. The Spectre is quite thin though, so the chances of fitting in a direct plunger aren't great. The Spectre was my personal revolver of choice, so for me this is pretty exciting. I personally would have preferred a little more orange though.
If you're wondering, this link will take you to my N-Strike Spectre review.

Word from Awesomely Nerf (in Singapore) is that...

So yeah, the Spectre will be $39.90 SGD (so I'm assuming less than $30 AUD for our release), and will be a legitimate Elite blaster. :D


  1. The paint job is really nice I like the white

  2. I saw one at my local toys r us! It was about $35. I liven in south east suburbs in victoria

  3. In Brisbane it is for $40. Went on sale for $27 a couple of months ago. Really want to get this blaster but won't pay of 20 bucks for it.