Friday, 20 April 2012

Orange Mod Works 5+kg Spring Review

This is a review of OMW's 5+kg spring for the reverse plungered clip (mag) system blasters (Recon, Raider, Deploy, Longstrike, Alpha Trooper).
The springs themselves are, so far as I can tell exactly the same size as an AT spring, except that they're silver instead of black. Installation is simple - remove the old spring and put in the new one. Of course, it performs best with AR removal, seal improvements etc.
Priming is a lot harder than usual, but you can still slam fire quite easily, and you get used to the priming strength.quite quickly. The stock catch springs are fine for this spring - they can catch perfectly fine.
Ranges are of course the important part. ARs have been removed. Freak darts are ignored.

Stock spring: 10-15m
OMW spring: 17-21m
Stock spring: 12-15m
OMW spring: 15-22m
Stock spring: 10-13m
OMW spring: 12-17m
Stock spring: 9-12m
OMW spring: 15-22m 

EDIT: Take these ranges with a grain of salt, it's probably best to take them down by 10-25% as these were likely not fired totally flat.

Noise is a lot louder - my AT used to have a quiet popping noise, but now it has a loud crack noise.
Cost: 18 USD for 3, 6 USD in postage
Total: 24 USD posted to an Aussie door

All in all, I say these springs are great value. You can get some from here.


  1. Negative points for not including the Deploy. That was the whole reason I clicked this link...SMH.

    1. I would estimate stock Deploy ranges at around 8-9m, and modded ranges probably around 12-17m like the Raider.