Monday, 2 April 2012

Nerf Vortex vs N-Strike Part 1

The Gear Up series pitched N-Strike blasters against Vortex blasters. However, I felt they pitched the wrong blasters against each other:
  • Maverick vs Proton
  • Barricade vs Vigilon
  • Recon vs Praxis
  • Raider vs Nitron
Because of this I've made my own set of comparisons which compare much more similar blasters.

Round 1: Proton vs Nitefinder

Accessories: The Proton comes with itself and 3 discs, while the NF comes with itself and 3 darts. Obviously this round is a tie.
Range: The Proton reaches up to 20m, while NFs in stock condition only get up to about 13m. Proton wins.
Accuracy: The Proton's discs curve predictably, but the Nitefinder's suctions are pinpoint accurate. NF wins.
Usefulness: Both are incredibly easy to use, but the Proton uses a slightly complicated disc sled, while the NF is simplicity and effectiveness embodied. The NF is also a lot slimmer, making it easier to holster. NF wins.
Rate of fire: Both sport a similar rate of fire being single shot.
Capacity: The Proton holds one in the sled, the NF one in barrel and 2 in the dart holders (totalling 3). NF wins.
Value for Money: The Proton goes down to $10, the NF down to $5 and less. Both have similar functions. The Proton has greater value because of its extra range, but because the NF is so cheap, this round is a tie.

Proton has won 1 round, NF 3 rounds, with 3 ties. Nitefinder EX-3 wins.

N-Strike 1 : Vortex 0

Round 2: Vigilon vs Maverick REV-6 

Accessories: The Vigilon comes with itself and 5 discs, while the Mav comes with itself and 6 darts. The Mav barely wins.
Range: The Vigilon, like the Proton gets up to 20m, while the Mav barely breaks 11m. The Vigilon wins.
Accuracy: For the Vigilon, like the Proton, the discs curve predictably. The Mav, although it uses suctions, can have accuracy issues because of the design of the barrel. This round is a draw because both blasters have small issues.
Usefulness: Both are incredibly easy to use, but the Maverick has a few misfiring, jamming and misrotating barrels, and the Vigilon, from my experiences, is very easy to use, apart from size. The Vigilon wins despite its size.
Rate of fire: Both sport a similar rate of fire using the same size and style slides, although the Mav can misfire if you try to rapid fire. The Vigilon wins this round.
Capacity: The Vigilon comes wth 5 discs, and can only fit 6 with some squeezing. The Mav fits 6 easy. The Mav wins.
Value for Money: The Mav goes for less than $10, while I've only seen the Vigilon for the minimum of $12, while they share smilar functionality. Although the Mav is cheaper, the Vigilon's far superior range equalises this round.

The Vigilon has won 3 rounds, the Maverick has won 2 rounds, with 2 ties. Vigilon wins.

N-Strike 1 : Vortex 1

Round 3: Praxis vs Alpha Trooper CS-18


Accessories: The Praxis comes with itself, its stock and a 10 mag and 10 discs. The AT comes with itself, its 18 drum and 18 darts. Although the AT comes with more darts and has 8 more capacity, the Praxis has its stock and thus equalises this round.
Range: The Praxis reaches up to 20m, while the AT reaches 11-14m. Praxis wins.
Accuracy: The Praxis's discs curve, but the AT uses Streamlines, which suck in accuracy. Praxis wins.
Usefulness: Both are incredibly easy to use, but the AT has slam-fire and the Praxis doesn't. Neither jams much. The Praxis is fat, like all other Vortex, while the AT is slim. The AT wins because it's thinner and not so bulky.
Rate of fire: The Praxis has no official slam-fire, so ROF is about 3 dps. The AT can reach 4-5 dps with slam-fire. The AT wins.
Capacity: The Praxis holds 10 in the mag, while the AT holds 18 in the drum. The AT wins.
Value for Money: The Praxis and AT can be found for the same price, and are both excellent value for money. Ordinarily the Praxis's longer range and accuracy would win this round, but the AT's capacity and slam fire equalise.

The Praxis has won 2 rounds, the AT 3, with 2 ties. Alpha Trooper CS-18 wins.

N-Strike 2 : Vortex 1

Round 4: Lumitron vs Rayven CS-18

Accessories: The Lumitron comes with itself, a 10 disc light up mag and 10 GITD discs. The Rayven comes with itself, an 18 dart light up clip (mag) and 18 GITD darts. The Rayven wins because it has 8 more capacity and 8 more darts.
Range: The Lumitron reaches up to 20m, while the Rayven hits 10-12m with 4 AAs. The Lumitron wins.
Accuracy: The Lumitron's discs curve slightly, but the Rayven, using Streamlines, has bad comparable accuracy. The Lumitron wins.
Usefulness: Both are very easy to use. Neither jam much (rarely experience jams with either) and shoot easily. The only problem is that the Rayven uses flywheels, which are annoying but intimidating.The Lumitron wins on the basis of it being easier to use in a pinch.
Rate of fire: The Lumitron reaches up to 3 dps, while the Rayven, being semi auto, can get up to 5 dps and more. The Rayven wins.
Capacity: The Lumitron holds 10 in its mag, while the Rayven holds 18. The Rayven wins.
Value for Money: Both are the same price at any store, though prices vary between stores. IMO the Rayven has better value for money because it's not just a rehash of another blaster (Lumitron is a recoloured Praxis). The Rayven wins.

The Lumitron has won 3 rounds, the Rayven 4. Thus the Rayven is the winner.

N-Strike 3 : Vortex 1

After 4 completed rounds, N-Strike is ahead of Vortex by 2 rounds.

So to sum up:
  • Vortex out performs N-Strike in general.
  • N-Strike is better at spamming about, both in ROF and in capacity.
  • Vortex blasters are more reliable than N-Strike in that they are almost impossible to jam (trust me, I've actually deliberately tried jamming them). N-Strike blasters can jam, especially the older CS blasters.
  • If you want high rates of fire and capacity, N-Strike is the way to go.
  • If you value long range, ammo compatibility throughout blasters and general accuracy, Vortex is the way to go.
  • If you want both, your best bets are either: Praxis + Nitron's 20 disc mag, wait until the Pyragon comes out, or mod N-Strike blasters.

A Part 2 will probably be made once more blasters have been added to the Vortex line. (At this rate will probably only be Nitron vs Stampede and Pyragon vs Raider)


  1. I'd just like to point out two bonus points in my opinion:

    - People with enough control over holding the blaster at certain angles are able to curve discs around boundaries, which if you learn can be a real asset.

    - Aesthetically is down to personal preference but IMO Vortex would flat-out win on this one - they just look so much better (which is important to me - if I want to slam-fire someone I want to look amazing, which is tough for me XD)

    I suppose now that NS Elite is out a lot of the points in this topic are moot anyway (namely the ranges). But I've heard of Vortex reaching still slightly further anyway, plus you've got the curling thing if you can master it. Just my thoughts, nice post.

  2. Praxis is the best nerf vortex gun! What are you saying? Its accuracy is great, the stock is wonderful, and recon just flat out sucks.

    1. The discs curve in flight because they are fired spinning. Their accuracy is not pinpoint down the barrel like it is with a Nitefinder. The stock, while it looks good, is flimsy and does not follow the lines and design of the Praxis.
      Additionally if you say the Praxis is the best nerf blaster then clearly you have never used a pyragon or seen it in use. The pyragon has greater range and ROF than a praxis as well as 4x the ammo, and a cooler paint scheme. The praxis stock in no way equalizes it against the pyragon.

  3. P13c30fch33s3,
    Have you ever considered an Elite vs. Vortex, or at-least give the poor raider another chance: Rampage vs. Pyragon. I think it would be worth trying. Maybe compare the Nitron to... Rampage, Hyperfire, or Rapidstrike.
    Just a thought I thought might be neat.

    1. The whole point of the N-Strike vs Vortex comparison was because they were pitted directly against each other, in the form of the Gear Up series and their main time of availability. By the time of the Elite line's release, the Vortex releases and availabilities were already winding down.
      Not the mention the fact that of all the blasters you've mentioned, I currently only own Rapidstrikes, and none of them are stock.