Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Mod: LiPo'd Jyn Erso Blaster with Lights and Sounds

Some time ago I rewired and remotored my Jyn Erso blaster. However, I removed the lights and sounds system because I had fears that the increased voltage would fry the circuit. It's taken a while, but I finally acquired a suitable voltage regulator and the time necessary to complete this mod.

The re-installation of the lights and sounds system was not particularly difficult. It simply required attaching its power source wires to the voltage regulator instead, and hooking the voltage regulator up to the main circuit. I used an L7806CV MOSFET as my friend had it spare and preassembled. It outputs 6V, which is slightly higher than the ideal 5V (~4AAs worth), but I'm hoping that it's not enough to fry the circuit. From my limited testing so far, it seems to work fine.
The rest of the lights and sounds circuit has been kept the same, including the original trigger switch.

This is the result:

I'm quite happy with how it's turned out, the lights and sounds work just fine while the blaster is being fired (though of course the sounds are very difficult to hear), and the circuit has survived so far off the regulated voltage. I will probably give it a combat test at some point to make sure the circuit survives, probably at the next MHvZ.


  1. This isn't your last post, right, it has been 9 days since your previous post!

    1. You do understand that I have a life outside of Nerf right? There have been times where I've only made one post in the month, for various reasons including lack of time and lack of content to post (see: most of this year). 9 days between posts is nothing.
      Incidentally I put up a new post earlier today.

  2. you know that 4 aa batteries output 6 volts right? alkaline aa put out 1.5 volts so 4 is 6 volts, i can see where this idea might come from since. 4 nicad or nihm put out 4.8 volts

    1. You are correct that at peak capacity 4 Alkaline AAs will put out about 6V. By the time you take into account the voltage drop from other components as well as the internal battery resistance, and also take into account that the batteries won't stay at 1.5V for long, the sound system will be getting about 5V at most.
      I will agree that I was probably overly concerned about the survivability of the sound system.