Monday, 20 March 2017

Jase3D Parts: Thumbscrews, Flared Stryfe Magwell, RS Pusher Cover

Ordered some Jase3D stuff as well, a couple of newer parts. I ordered up some thumbscrews, a flared Stryfe magwell attachment, and an RS pusher motor cover.

The Jase3D thumbscrew is a very simple piece. It consists of a hex screw with a 3D printed part screwed on as far as possible.
Since the thumbscrew handle is designed to fit a generic hex screw, it can be easily fitted to any hex screw of the same dimension (I believe the screw is M3 sized). I actually ordered screws that were slightly too short, however had slightly longer screws of the same thread, and was able to move the 3D printed piece over with no issue.
Here's the thumbscrew length I actually ordered, installed on a Stryfe for which it works perfectly. The 3D printed part is a very nice design, which is easily grippable while being relatively small.
With the slightly longer screw, the Jase3D thumbscrew can also be made to fit the Desolator, which due to its tapering shell is a particularly annoying blaster to fit with a thumbscrew.
With the longer screws, the Jase3D thumbscrew has even replaced the screws that hold my Bullpup RS's stock piece on. Even though the two on the left side are close together, they are easily turnable individually.
Jase3D thumbscrews do their job just fine, as does pretty much any other thumbscrew. What I like about the Jase3D ones is that should the need arise for a longer or shorter screw, the 3D printed piece can be easily removed from the old screw, and attached to the new one to make a thumbscrew of the appropriate length. Note that the head is significantly taller than a more generic thumbscrew, such as that of the Worker one, which may pose an issue for sleeker blasters. In contrast, the Jase3D thumbscrew head is also a lot narrower than typical thumbscrews, which works nicely in my situation, but may pose an issue if you can't get a good grip on them. For 3AUD each, Jase3D thumbscrews are a useful and relatively cheap product.

The Jase3D Stryfe magwell is a clip-on piece designed to make loading in fresh mags a little bit easier.
It's a single, wrap-around piece that clips on to a Stryfe magwell.
From the front and rear, the flaring out of the piece is noticeable, though not prominent due to the thickness of the piece.

The piece fits onto the Stryfe magwell using four protrusions, which click into the recessed area of the Stryfe magwell just above the bottom edge. It takes a bit of force to attach, but once on is very secure. Likewise, the piece is also easily removable with some force, however I would recommend against repeated attachments/removals as that will wear out the piece.

With the flared magwell attached, the Stryfe does become noticeably bulkier, though the piece should present little issue unless you use it as a secondary/sidearm in a tight fitting holster.
This angle demonstrates the flared design nicely, with all sides sloping inwards to the magwell to facilitate easier insertion of mags.
With a mag inserted. Note that the flared magwell piece prevents the use of 18- and 35-dart drums, however all straight mags and the 25-dart drum are compatible.
The piece has a gap at the back designed to accomodate extended mag releases. Pictured here is my Stryfe with a Worker mag release, and it works fine.
This shot hopefully demonstrates the extra width that the flared magwell adds to the Stryfe, so as to accomodate the sloped surfaces. With a straight mag inserted, the extra space is clearly obvious (though perhaps less so in this picture).
The all-around design of the flared magwell also adds a portion to the front, which I personally find makes a good (or at least improved) magwell foregrip. I personally found the front of the Stryfe magwell rather thin and somewhat uncomfortable, and the extra width of the flared magwell helps significantly in that regard.
The flared magwell is an accessory designed to improve usability, by increasing the tolerances for reloading. With the flared magwell, a mag does not have to be perfectly aligned with the magwell to be inserted, rather so long as it is caught within the flared magwell, it will slide in just fine. With less need to align a fresh mag perfectly, reloads can be performed slightly faster and with a lot less thought and effort, which in turn can improve combat performance. It does take a little getting used to, as initially it does feel very awkward sliding a mag along the inside of the flared magwell, however the advantage in combat can be quite significant, especially when on the move or under fire.
Jase3D offers flared magwells for both the Stryfe and Rapidstrike individually, as the pieces are not cross compatible. They are available for 15AUD each, which I feel is fairly reasonable for such large pieces. If you have no issue with some extra bulk around your Stryfe/RS magwell, and don't use 18/35 drums, a flared magwell may be a purchase to consider for the extra convenience it offers during reloading.

The last part I ordered was an RS pusher cover. Compared to the BSUK cover, the Jase3D design is far, far more elaborate and much larger.
Like many other Jase3D designs, the RS pusher cover has extra material that wraps around the shell, so as to make installation of it even easier.
The Jase3D pusher cover is a damn good looking one, sharing much stylistic similarity with the flywheel motor cover. It fits very nicely to the Rapidstrike shell.
I used mine for my Bullpup RS. However, due to the placement of my master power switch, I had to remove a little material from the pusher cover to allow it to fit.
After the slight alteration, the pusher cover fits perfectly on my Bullpup RS, and even helps to partially cover the gap in the stock piece (though this is by coincidence). The master power switch is still easily usable, and the rear of my Bullpup RS now looks a good bit cleaner and better.
Overall shot of the Jase3D parts that now inhabit my Bullpup RS. The pusher cover goes very well with the pre-existing flywheel motor cover, and cover up any holes very nicely.
The Jase3D RS pusher cover is unusually expensive at 12AUD, only 3AUD shy of the flywheel motor covers. It's substantially more than any other pusher motor cover, which is often included with the flywheel motor cover, and is even more than a lot of flywheel motor covers. As usual with motor covers though, it all comes down to personal preference. I feel that the Jase3D motor covers are by far the best looking ones out there, whether or not you are willing to shell out the extra money depends on whether you think it's worth it.


  1. Nice. Any diference in ease of mag transition??
    also know where I can get 30mm springs with
    a diameter of around 8-10mm?? Looking to mod a clip to accept darts cut in half (custom slugs)
    Want a spring that is not too strong it crushes darts. the softer the better.

    1. The flared magwell does make mag insertions a little more lenient and easy. Not a huge amount, but definitely noticeable in combat conditions.
      Not a clue on the mag spring, but there are multiple aftermarket mags designed for half length darts, I believe Worker and Artifact both make some.

  2. Just looking for a compression.spring trying to make a short dart custom mag. any ideas. dont want to buy airsoft mag spring cuz of restrictions in oz.