Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Jase3D: Another Aussie Parts Seller

Jase3D is a relatively new seller of 3D printed parts in Australia. He's produced only a couple of different designs so far, but the ones he has released (that I have seen in person) are all fantastic.

The first one I purchased was his 7 dart Hammershot/Sweet Revenge cylinder. I bought a pair of them for my dual Sweet Revenges in pink.
The pink is very close to Nerf's Rebelle pink, almost indistinguishable unless you take a close look.
A direct front comparison of the 7 dart cylinder (left) and the stock 5 dart cylinder (right). Naturally the 7 barrels are much more tightly packed together in order to fit the extra darts.
My pair of cylinders installed. There are two major differences between Jase3d's cylinders and the standard model from Thingiverse (and in turn most other 7 dart cylinders out there). The first naturally is the styling, the Jase3D cylinder emulates the style of the stock 5 dart cylinder to make it look as stock as possible. The second is that the Jase3D cylinder has been redesigned a number of times, and works perfectly with the AR still in.
I've used these 7 dart cylinders in several events now, and they work perfectly. Performance is about the same as with stock cylinders, and to the untrained eye they look pretty much stock.

Something to note is that while the cylinders are drop in for Hammershots, some slight alteration will be necessary for use in Sweet Revenges. The support arm for the cylinder is much thinner on the Sweet Revenge, necessitating a little cutting down of the front piece. The above picture shows the standard piece on the left, and the modified piece on the right.

The second part is a faux flash hider attachment.
It's a pretty basic piece, effectively just a tube of plastic that uses Nerf's twist lock barrel system. The use of the twist-lock system allows attachment on all blasters that take barrel extensions. This faux flash hider is rather oversized compared to most.
Mine pretty much lives permanently on my Bullpup Rapidstrike, to me it looks absolutely perfect. I like they way it looks on a variety of other blasters, but the Bullpup RS is by far my favourite.

Finally on to 180 motor covers, Jase3D currently offers Rapidstrike and Stryfe motor covers. I believe a Rayven motor cover is in the works as well.

His RS motor cover is easily the best looking of the ones I've seen, and I absolutely had to have it for my Bullpup. The lines and vents, the extra few grey parts that are glued on separately, everything about it looks awesome to me.
The Stryfe motor cover is a very interesting and unique piece. The RS motor cover, like just about every other motor cover I'm aware of, is a piece that simply covers the flat area above the flywheel cage. The Stryfe motor cover however, is a wraparound piece that covers just about every protrusion from the flywheel cage. It's a much larger piece, but is also far easier to fit correctly into place as it has no wiggle room.

The Hammershot/Sweet Revenge cylinders are 18AUD each. The faux flash hider is 13AUD, and the motor covers are 15AUD each. Jase3D also does expanded Stryfe battery tray covers, iron sight pieces and has just released Hyperfire motor covers. These prices are all higher than average (with the exception of maybe the flash hider), you can usually get the Thingiverse 7 dart cylinder for 15AUD or less, while more basic motor covers can be had for about 10AUD or less. Print quality is perhaps not the absolute best around, but it's pretty damn good and easily good enough for these parts. What you're paying extra for is the extra detail and design effort in every one of the parts, the motor covers look awesome and the 7 shot cylinders have been designed to look stock. I would definitely recommend a look at Jase3D's parts if you're in need of such, and would also suggest keeping an eye on them as more products get revealed and released.

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