Friday, 19 February 2016

Loadouts 16: Personal Loadouts 5

First new Loadouts post in a while, with new stuff and my standard MHvZ loadout. I've got two Nerf events in the next two days so expect more game reports soon.

Scenario Description: Loadouts that we use, tailored to our needs.
Keys to Victory: N/A
Unnecessary Burdens: N/A

Clip (Mag) System 1c (Calling People Traitors)

Primary: SW FO Stormtrooper Deluxe Blaster (upgraded spring)
Secondary: Rebelle Sweet Revenge x2
Gear: BSUK Battle Belt, BSUK Small Zip Pouch, MazoFactory HSM1 x4, MazoFactory HDL-SR R+L
Ammo: 12 dart clips (mags), Kooshes/FVJs
Purpose: To call people traitors, survive zombies and compete in superstock
Strengths: Well balanced for superstock, can call people traitors at will
Weaknesses: Slightly low range compared other superstock blasters, awkward side magwell
Description: This loadout is a standard pump action superstock loadout with the extra benefit of being able to shout "TRAITOR" at people. Performance is about the same as an EAT/Rampage with spring upgrade, but the Deluxe Blaster feels more solid than an EAT, and I like the pump more than the Rampage's. I use 12s because 18s do make for quite an ergonomic issue, as I experienced in MHvZ. ROF is naturally severely inferior to semi auto flywheelers and Rapidstrikes, and range and accuracy are slightly inferior to Retaliators, but the cool factor of wielding a Nerf shooting F-11D counts for something, and being able to call people "TRAITOR" is a bonus.
Z6 Riot Control Baton with mandatory sick spins unfortunately not included, I haven't got around to making one yet.

Clip (Mag) System 2e (General Use)

Primary: Bullpup Rapidstrike (Falcon 130s for flywheels, FK180PH-3050 for pusher, 3S LiPo)
Secondary: Rebelle Sweet Revenge x2
Gear: BSUK Battle Belt, BSUK Small Zip Pouch, MazoFactory HSM1 x4, MazoFactory HDL-SR R+L
Ammo: 18 dart clips (mags), Kooshes/FVJs
Purpose: To survive zombies and be competitive in superstock
Strengths: ROF, can dual wield if necessary, reloading is easy, almost no rev time
Weaknesses: Poor long range accuracy, high ammo consumption
Description: This loadout has gotten me to the late stages of many HvZ games and has helped me win many of the games I have with my friends. No other common superstock blaster comes close to the Rapidstrike for dart output, and the mag carrying capacity I now have helps support the Bullpup Rapidstrike's hunger for darts. At longer ranges this loadout is vulnerable to blasters like Retaliators due to poor accuracy at long range, but that is perhaps the only notable flaw of the Rapidstrike in superstock. This loadout is my favourite and will probably be used a lot in the future, unless someone produces a blaster that is somehow better.
If the Bullpup Rapidstrike fails, I usually have my overhauled Rapidstrike, Rapid Red or Elite Rayven as a backup.

Mixed 1 (Buzz Bee)

Primary: Buzz Bee Ultra Rapid Tek (probably a spring uprade)
Secondary: Buzz Bee Extreme Blastzooka (the Shamecannon)
Tertiary: Buzz Bee Air Max Baron x2
Gear: BSUK Battle Belt, BSUK Small Zip Pouch, MazoFactory HSM1 x4, MazoFactory HDL-SR R+L
Ammo: Whatever clips (mags) are available (12s are preferred), whatever darts/missiles available
Purpose: To make use of all major ammo types with Buzz Bee blasters
Strengths: Can scavenge all major ammo types
Weaknesses: Performance is rather lacking all round
Description: This one is a silly thing I used at the most recent MHvZ's pickup round, which I usually spending derping around with silly blasters. I didn't take the Shamecannon as I couldn't be bothered and noone uses Missiles normally, but if there were Missiles to scavenge I probably would take it along. With this particular set of blasters, I will be able to use the FVJs used by MHvZ, Megas of all kinds as well as Buzz Bee and Elite Missiles, while simultaneously advertising for Buzz Bee. I didn't last too long, but I had fun wielding it.


  1. Neat loadout. how does the stormtrooper blaster fair with long mags. does it get caught in strange places ? Secondly know any place that sells a very compact 2s lipo.

    1. As mentioned in both this post and my most recent MHvZ game report, long clips (mags) like 18s make the Deluxe Blaster a pain to handle. It becomes really annoying to point left and run with, as well as sling on my back.
      I buy all my LiPo related things from