Sunday, 13 December 2015

Elite Rayven now works!

My Elite Rayven has gone through a lot, taking several motor swaps and battery changes, as well as dozens more openings to fix (or at least attempt to) various issues. Most recently the issue has been a lack of power and consistency, seemingly due to an alignment issue. This all occured after installing Banshee 130 motors, so I never got to witness the E.Ray at full power.

Careful analysis of the clip (mag)-flywheel cage-faux barrel positions suggested that the flywheel cage and barrel should be shifted slightly towards the left side, which was done with small cardboard shims:

While they did help to centre the darts better on the flywheels and faux barrel, there was an awful lot of squibbing (darts hitting the side of the faux barrel) occuring. After maybe a dozen attempts at fixing it, I gave up and sent the E.Ray to languish in rack duty. After re-opening it today, I found that the cage was actually pointing very slightly to the left side, which I hadn't noticed before. This naturally caused the darts to be propelled directly into the wall of the faux barrel. I fixed this by adding an extra shim piece to the rearmost screw port, propping that side up slightly.
This finally (seemingly) aligned the flywheel cage properly, after some test fires I was getting a lot more power much more consistently, with no squibs or misfires.
So after many failures and a lot of pain and disappointment, my E.Ray is finally (hopefully) fit for combat! I hope to be able to give it a proper test soon(ish), and will hopefully also be replacing the Banshees with FK180SH-3240s, assuming I can get a motor cover.

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  1. I have done this same thing with my rayven using small foam pieces and I still can only achieve about 50 feet. Any advice?