Monday, 30 November 2015

Quick Mod: Extended Crossbolt Stock

One of the Crossbolt's biggest issues is horrendously bad ergonomics, one aspect of which is pathetically short stock length. I decided to go and fix that.

As clearly obvious, the stock extension has added significant length to the stock and blaster overall. I used a Praxis stock as it was the right colour and I had it spare doing nothing. I also had the idea to use the wire frame part to slot into the Crossbolt.
Internal changes, just a few cuts and some glue. Epoxy is used for the actual stock to blaster attachment, while the space filling is done with hot glue.
The standard Crossbolt stock has very little space to play with, which means the connection isn't quite as secure as I'd like, but the stock feels pretty solid regardless. If it turns out to be too weak I can reinforce it with screws, more pipe and more epoxy.
Stock length compared to the Rapidstrike, the extension makes the stock quite sizable, and rather comfortable. The improved stock length also makes the other ergonomic flaws less noticeable, though it does make the Crossbolt a lot less compact.