Sunday, 28 June 2015

Mod: Titan Triple Missile Attachment

The Nerf Titan is a fun blaster to tinker with, because of its incredible power. Making it shoot one dart is easy and incredibly effective, but I wanted something more unique and more ridiculous. With the release of the Demoliser, Thunderblast and missile refill packs, I decided to make something that would utilise those missiles. Now compared to the Titan's original Mega Missile, the new Elite missiles are significantly smaller and lighter, which would enable the Titan to fire several of them at once.

This is what I came up with. The main coupler (on the right) that attaches to the Titan uses a screw adaptor 3D printed by one of the guys at Make Test Battle (link left), which is attached to a couple of pipes and fittings that form the coupler. This coupler allows attaching of all my pre-existing attachments from my Big Blast and Berserker.
The coupler using the thread on the Titan muzzle means that the original barrel can be reattached to use stock Titan rockets, however I have none.
This is the triple rocket launcher attachment. It uses a bunch of pipes, a few fittings and a lot of hot glue to redirect the main airflow into three barrels. These barrels fit into the holes in Elite missiles, however as they were a little too loose I used some e-tape to tighten and improve the seal.
Here's the attachment loaded up with the missiles. The three barrels were positioned in such a way that the rockets will only touch each other by their fin tips, and only if the fins are pointed directly at one another.
The barrels also fits darts, and so can fire a mix of missiles and darts, but the barrels are nowhere near long enough for optimum dart firing. If I wanted to fire a burst of darts I would use one of my absolvers.
Here's the loaded attachment on the Titan.
And finishing with an FPS shot.

How does it perform? Hilariously badly. While ranges are usable, nudging 12-13m with 12 pumps, consistency and accuracy are non-existent. The missiles just love flying away in random directions, sometimes nosediving into the ground, sometimes veering to the sides, sometimes soaring upwards.
Ranges and consistency are best balanced around 8-9 pumps, hitting 8-10m with severe veering being less common.
I don't really care about consistency though, I wasn't aiming to make a practical blaster. I was aiming to make something incredibly fun and totally ridiculous, and that's exactly what I did, so I'm pretty happy with how this project turned out.


  1. Aesthetically, I feel like you could have added a piece of pipe as a shroud to make that barrel look a little less narrow. Otherwise, pretty awesome.

  2. Is there a way you can do it with a thunderblast?

    1. I don't think a Thunderblast has enough power to reasonably fire three missiles at once. A burst of darts, yes, easily, but not three missiles.

  3. While it is neither accurate or consistent, I bet it would be awesome for games that allowed missiles to have splash damage. Especially in HvZ.

    1. Splash damage would be ridiculously hard to measure and moderate, I don't know of any Nerf games that have such splash damage. Rockets are made to do extra damage on a direct hit, such as breaking shields or preventing a revive, etc.