Monday, 27 April 2015

Loadouts 15: Personal Loadouts 4

A couple of new loadouts from newer acquisitions.
Do note that in the games I host with just my friends, I almost never run with a secondary because I can't be bothered, and noone else uses them. Heck, me being able to carry more than two clips (mags) is already overpowered.

Scenario Description: Loadouts that we use, tailored to our needs.
Keys to Victory: N/A
Unnecessary Burdens: N/A


Clip (Mag) System 2c (General use)

Primary: Elite Rayven CS-18 (EPPS, Shortened Retal barrel with Retal Foregrip, Tamiya Mach Dash Pros + 1S LiPo)
Secondary: Rebelle Sweet Revenge (x1 or 2)
Gear: BSUK Battle Belt, Sweet Revenge holster (x1 or 2)
Ammo: 18 dart clips (mags), Kooshes
Purpose: To provide longer range flywheel goodness
Strengths: Range, accuracy (slightly superior to that of Stryfe), can dual wield both blasters, reloading is easy, ROF, fairly compact and light, almost no rev time
Weaknesses: Minimal range loss over time and in rapid fire
Description: I personally prefer using the Rayven to the Stryfe, because I prefer the Rayven's design and I like bullpup things. It's also more compact than an equivalently tacticool Stryfe because of the bullpup design. Ranges are excellent thanks to the new motors and battery, comparable to that of my EAT, yet with the ROF of a flywheeler, which combine to make a great blaster.
This is also probably what I would run in an HvZ or any larger Nerf wars (that don't use half length darts), hence the SRs. If not the Rayven I'd run my EAT, or possibly an overhauled Rapidstrike if I get one done.
If possible I would run with 5 18 clips (mags), one loaded and 4 in the Belt, I just couldn't be bothered fishing out my 18 clips (mags) for the pic on the right.

Clip (Mag) System 2d (Close range)

Primary: Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 (EPPS, minimised [RapidPDW], 2S LiPo)
Secondary: None or Rebelle Bliss
Gear: BSUK Battle Belt
Ammo: 18 dart clips (mags), Kooshes
Purpose: To provide compact rapid fire flywheel goodness for close quarters
Strengths: Ease of spamming, one-handability, faster rev time than stock, sufficient range for CQC, ROF, reloading
Weaknesses: Not very comfortable to hold in two hands, heavier and bulkier than a similar size Stryfe, small rev time
Description: With the E.Rayven's new motors, it's now a blaster I can't use safely in close quarters as it hits extremely hard at such ranges. The RapidPDW was the blaster I built to replace the E.Rayven for close quarters and Uni games, and it performs extremely well. The power of the LiPo gives the RPDW a good rate of fire of about 6-7dps and a respectable range without sacrificing either (which was an issue with IMRs). The stock makes the RPDW solid and comfortable to shoulder and aim, and can also be removed to make the RPDW smaller and more maneuverable. While I typically prefer springers for close quarters, the power of the LiPo greatly reduces the typical weakness of a flywheeler in CQC, rev up time. With the greatly reduced rev up time, the RPDW can get off a solid shot a fraction of a second after a primed springer, however after that it can spray out a burst of darts before most springers can get off a second or third shot.
With this CQC loadout, I take less 18 clips (mags) than I normally would, as CQC games are typically shorter, and the reduction in bulk helps in maneuverability.

Revolver 1 (Close range)

Primary: Rebelle Sweet Revenge x 2
Secondary: None
Gear: Dart pouch, Sweet Revenge holster x 2
Ammo: Whatever darts are available, preferably Kooshes
Purpose: To provide highly mobile dual wielding awesomeness for times when clip (mag) system stuff is unsuitable
Strengths: Range, dual wielding is easy, comfortable and highly effective against comparable blasters, very light and highly mobile
Weaknesses: ROF isn't as good as slam fire, less capacity than dual Strongarms, accuracy isn't great
Description: This loadout has been devastatingly effective for me in the wars I use it in, even when I had just one Sweet Revenge. I use it primarily at Tag Recon games, where the majority of blasters are Strongarms, Roughcuts and other small/mid sized non-clip (mag) system blasters.
My primary (right hand) Sweet Revenge is my modded one, and gets a fair bit more range than stock thanks to a spring upgrade, though the prime is a fair bit harder. It's also compatible with just about any type of Nerf micro dart, and fires them all well, even the worn out slightly thinner ones that can jam up other blasters (though not as well of course). It's the one I use for longer ranged potshots and suppression. This was my first Sweet Revenge, and is my secondary for just about every loadout where it's not a primary. The extra range of this Sweet Revenge allows me to get solid tags on opponents who can barely get a shot near me.
My secondary (left hand) Sweet Revenge is not as powerful, as my left thumb tends to slip if the spring load is too strong. It can misfire with old worn out darts thanks to the AR, but is mainly used to support my primary. It provides follow-up shots and the ability to threaten two opponents at once, or threaten an opponent with two shots which is very helpful especially in mini HvZ. The secondary Sweet Revenge also helps give me cover when I'm reloading or repriming the primary one. I got this Sweet Revenge pretty much entirely for dual wielding, and I'm very glad I did.
I tried dual wielding Strongarms, and it feels far clunkier and clumsier than dual Sweet Revenges. I also personally don't like Hammershots as much, they don't feel as good in hand, and aesthetically don't appeal to me.

Rockets 1 (Light)

Primary: Buzz Bee Extreme Blastzooka (on sling)
Secondary: Rebelle Sweet Revenge (x1 or 2)
Gear: Nerf Tactical Vest, Sweet Revenge holster (x1 or 2)
Ammo: Buzz Bee or Demolisher rockets, Kooshes
Purpose: To provide lightweight rocket firepower
Strengths: Lightweight for a rocket blaster, light and mobile
Weaknesses: Lack of range compared to dart blasters, long pump time, single shot, overall lack of practicality unless rockets have special powers, overall is very weak compared to more general (usually clip [mag] system based) loadouts
Description: The Blastzooka is currently the only standalone rocket blaster available in stores (albeit not Aussie stores *sigh*) and for that reason it's the most suitable blaster for this role. While you probably wouldn't want to use it in a regular gamemode, in games where rockets have special powers (such as taking someone out of the game or destroying shields) the threat of a rocket shot is more than enough to cover up the general impracticality and weakness of the loadout.
Sweet Revenges are my standard secondary, and chances are they'll be used a lot because of the Blastzooka's slow reload time and single shot.
The Nerf Tac Vest conveniently holds Buzz Bee rockets quite well.


  1. Nice loadouts! I especially love the first one with the Rayven and Dual Sweet Revenge's. You never wanted to paint the Sweet Revenge blasters, though?

    1. No way! Pink is far too fabulous.
      Besides my lack of artistic talent, my SRs also spend a lot of time going in and out of their holsters, so the paint would probably get scratched off quite quickly.

  2. Where did you get the left handed holster for the sweet revenge!?!?!

    1. I constructed it out of the spare SR holster I had lying around.