Friday, 30 January 2015

Mod: Longshot Trigger Guard

A quick mod this time, of a Longshot trigger guard.

In stock form the Longshot lacks a trigger guard, which is odd because it's one of the only blasters I own that has no trigger or hand guard of any kind. As someone who uses blasters that do have trigger guards (E.Rayven, EAT, Sweet Revenge), it felt weird and I have come into a few issues with it lacking the trigger guard.

I've seen one 3D printed trigger guard that friction fits, and several other trigger and hand guards made of metal, spare parts or even wood I believe, but I wanted to make a trigger guard in stock colours so I delved into my box of spare parts and cutoffs.
The bottom piece is made from the trigger guard off my Bullpup EAT, and its grey and blue matched fairly well with the Longshot. The vertical piece comes from a piece of shell cutoff from my RapidPDW, so its blue matched well also, and the shell piece was long, straight and flat.
Naturally many of the edges of the new trigger guard have been sanded down, though I will probably go back and sand it down a little more.
I used epoxy to adhere each piece in place. I specifically used parts that would split apart so the Longshot would split apart as normal and the trigger guard would split apart with it. A single piece trigger guard like those I have seen before would probably look better and be slightly cleaner, but I wanted the trigger guard to look as stock as possible, hence the scavenged parts.
Further epoxy reinforcements are to come though they won't impact significantly on aesthetics.
While the trigger guard is a little short, there's still abundant space for my finger without touching the trigger.
I settled on this particular style of trigger guard and not one that uses the short cylinder as a support as I want to leave that space open in case I decide to implement a lever style release. As the Longshot's clip (mag) release is only on the right hand side of the blaster, it's really quite bad for left handers, and even I don't really like it. It's a little too high for my liking.

Do let me know what you think of this particular trigger guard.

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