Thursday, 17 April 2014

Loadouts 12: Personal Loadouts 3

Scenario Description: Loadouts that we use.
Keys to Victory: N/A
Unnecessary Burdens: N/A

Clip (Mag) System 1b (General use mid range)

Primary: Elite Alpha Trooper CS-12 (Stockade stock, EPPS, SSPS on side, 12 dart clip [mag], AR removed, OMW 5kg spring)
Secondary: Rebelle Sweet Revenge
Gear: N-Strike Tactical Vest, Sweet Revenge holster
Ammo: 12 dart clips (mags), whatever suitable darts (stefans or Elite darts) 
Purpose: To provide well rounded, tacticool and generally awesome clip (mag) system-ness.
Strengths: Range (primary), ROF, reloading is fast, secondary is good and reliable, jamming is rare, looks amazingly tacticool and awesome, secondary can be used one-handed
Weaknesses: Accuracy (unless use of stefans), primary is useless while reloading
Description: A slight alteration of the usual Elite Alpha loadout, this one loses the extra power of the BT spring for a much easier to use OMW spring, greatly improving the ergonomics of the EAT. Additionally, the Stockade stock is the most comfortable good looking stock around. The Triad has been replaced with my new favourite sidearm, the Sweet Revenge.

Clip (Mag) System 2b (General use)

Primary: Elite Stryfe (Stockade stock, EPPS, Retal barrel with Roughcut Masterkey, 18 dart clips [mags], 2 IMR 14500s, rewired)
Secondary: None or Rebelle Sweet Revenge
Gear: N-Strike Tactical Vest, Sweet Revenge holster (optional)
Ammo: 18 dart clips (mags), Elite darts
Purpose: To provide tacticool flywheel goodness with a multi-shot underslung backup
Strengths: Range (primary), ROF, reloading is super fast, practically no chance of jams, Roughcut allows instant-fire shots if the Stryfe is not revved up, Roughcut fires multiple darts to increase chances of hits
Weaknesses: Accuracy (less so than before), primary must be revved up for max range, rapid fire reduces range temporarily, range lost over time due to draining of batteries, Roughcut wastes a lot of darts
Description: This loadout is my version of the ever popular Stryfe-Roughcut Masterkey. My particular Roughcut fires two darts from each side of the barrels, rather than the usual one. This makes it much easier to drench an opponent in foam, but also much easier to waste all of my ammo. The Stryfe itself is unchanged, it is just more accurate than before thanks to the barrel, and nowhere near as light or small as before. The Stockade stock has 10 dart storage, perfect for the Roughcut. The Sweet Revenge is an optional sidearm, as the underslung Roughcut already acts as a sidearm/backup blaster.

Clip (Mag) System 4a (Close range)

Primary: Elite Alpha Trooper CS-12 (EPPS, 18 dart drum, AR removed)
Secondary: Elite Jolt EX-1
Gear: None
Ammo: Extra 12 dart clip (mag), Elite darts
Purpose: To provide a lightweight and effective loadout for close quarters
Strengths: ROF, reloading is fast, jamming is rare, very light
Weaknesses: Accuracy, range is a little lacking for longer ranged engagements
Description: This loadout sacrifices the power of an upgrade spring for much improved safety in close quarters and super easy priming. This particular EAT loadout also allows for fantastic mobility due to being very lightweight and minimal. The 18 dart drum provides good capacity without being too large, while the 12 dart clip (mag) is easy to store in a large pocket. The Jolt is an effective pocket pistol sidearm and also fits easily in any pocket. I'm looking at getting a US spec stock spring to slightly upgrade the EAT for CQC, since the Aus spec is terrible.

Multishot 1 (CQC)

Primary: Elite Roughcut 2x4 (hot glue spring spacer)
Secondary: Rebelle Sweet Revenge
Gear: Dart holding pouch, Sweet Revenge holster
Ammo: Elite darts
Purpose: To provide an effective multishot spread for close quarters combat
Strengths: Multishot and spread (primary), secondary is one-handable
Weaknesses: Accuracy, Roughcut wastes a lot of darts due to multishot, low capacity
Description: The Roughcut is one of the few plunger blasters that consistently and effectively fires multiple darts in a single trigger pull. I've enhanced it by doubling its dart output, at the cost of some power and much more dart wastage. This enhanced multishot ability makes the Roughcut deadly in close combat, especially when the rules we use are one-shot-kills. The Sweet Revenge is meant to be used when the Roughcut's spread is not needed or it is out of ammo. Considering the Roughcut fires four of its eight darts per full trigger pull, it's very easy to empty. The staged trigger of the Roughcut does help conserve ammo, but firing a quarter of its load per half trigger pull still results in an empty Roughcut very quickly.

Multishot 2 (CQC)

Primary: Zombie Strike Sledgefire
Secondary: Rebelle Sweet Revenge
Gear: Dart holding pouch, Sweet Revenge holster, Sledgefire shell pouch if necessary (use camo ammo pouch)
Ammo: Elite darts, extra Sledgefire shells if possible
Purpose: To provide maximum fun and coolness.
Strengths: Multishot and spread (primary), secondary is one-handable
Weaknesses: Accuracy, Sledgefire cannot single shot, slow reloading (primary), low capacity, low-ish range (primary)
Description: In close quarters casual Nerfing, the Sledgefire is one of the most fun blasters you can use. Nothing beats the sheer awesome of the solid thump of the Sledgefire's plunger and seeing three darts fly out, followed by breaking the barrel and loading in a shell. The performance of the Sledgefire isn't great, but seriously, for a casual close quarters game the sheer awesome of the Sledgefire overrides all practical flaws.
Not to mention that the spread is deadly at close range, even if it is just 3 darts.
The Sweet Revenge is superior for potshots, rapid fire, accuracy, and basically anything that isn't spread or sheer awesome.


  1. my fav would be clip system 1c but with the stockade stock on and the jolt removed- not necessarily close ranged

  2. My loadouts for general use:

    Primary: Retaliator (Retaliator Stock, Retal BX, EPPS, Grip,)
    Secondary: Dual-wielded Triads or Strongarm
    Last-Resort: Jolt or Firestrike
    Gear: Elite Tac-vest, Homemade adjustable holster, Sunglasses, Joker Mask.

    How is it. Is it bad?

    1. Don't dual wield Strongarms, I haven't seen anyone so far who can do it as effectively as Hammershots/Sweet Revenges.
      It's not too bad, though make sure you put the EPPS on the front.