Saturday, 29 March 2014

New Mattel BOOMco. Line

It seems Mattel wants to get back in on the blaster action. With the old but legendary Mattel Ultimator with supposed 120ft ranges being the last notable/memorable Mattel blaster, they're finally coming back in 2014 with the BOOMco. line of blasters. They're trying to compete with the Elite line, with claimed 70ft ranges.

Props to Buffdaddy Nerf for compiling all of the information so far into a single post.

Boom Co. does have a website at but there's not much besides a video.

This is the "Clipfire", a small single shot pistol with a claimed range of 60ft. Seems pretty standard.
These are "Farshot" blasters, with the double pack being called "Dual Defenders". These seem to be ordinary slide action single shots, with dart storage in the handles supposedly.

Now this is one I'm excited for, the "Rapid Madness". A twenty dart clip and a pump? Looks to be the new Magstrike, and judging by the video on the website, it is the new Magstrike. Probably the most expensive of the lot, but for me definitely the most exciting.

The last of the non-watermarked images, the "Twisted Spinner". Due to lack of a trigger, it seems to be perma slamfire, and judging by the video the turret spins around a lot before reaching the next dart. Cool, but impractical.

A better picture of the clip and darts. These darts look longer and thinner than Nerf dart, so probably no compatability there, which is a shame. The tips have been designed to stick to the provided targets, and nothing else. Also note the ribbing just beneath the head of the darts. The clip looks pretty similar in design to the Magstrike mag.

Also to note, the grey handguard looking shell pieces actually flip up to form shields which the darts are meant to stick to.

The following images are watermarked, and probably weren't for public distribution, but they managed to sneak out anyway.

This is the "Whipblast" and seems to prime by rotating around the handguard. Sounds like fun, but it's probably not that practical, seeing as it looks like a single shot.
This one is called the "Smart Shot", and looks like a pull-and-release blaster.
This is the "Stealth Ambush", and looks like a fusion of the clips of the Rapid Madness with the priming and firing of the Twisted Spinner.
The two pack of the Clipfire with some extra bits, including two awesome safety glasses, some extra targets, and two sticky ball grenade type things.


  1. If they shoot further than the detuned elite blasters... I'm excited.

  2. I have seen these blasters, and unfortunately they aren't as good as they are made out to be. A toyshop near me had a few, and I didn't buy due to the lack of mod ability and the weird darts.