Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Nerf Elite Ammo Box Quick Review

This will be a small review on the Elite Ammo Box. Barely even a review to be honest, just a couple of pics I snapped.

Like the N-Strike Ammo Box, the Elite box advertises 300 dart capacity. This is possible with Elites or Streamlines as I've had 250+ Streamlines/Elites in a box comfortably without having to arrange them. Properly arranged 300+ darts could be fit in pretty easy.

The cardboard around the outside is held together just by these two tabs and no tape, making it stupidly easy to open in a store to steal stuff. One of the three boxes that were in the store was indeed opened. I of course took one that wasn't opened.
The Elite Ammo Box is largely the same as the N-Strike Ammo Boxes, except in blue (of course) and with the Elite logo.
 The Elite Ammo Box comes with 100 Elite darts, as well as two Elite 6 clips (mags). A nice inclusion considering the number of Elite clip (mag) system blasters.
The clips (mags) come in this fancy plastic tray type thing that actually serves no purpose besides holding the clips (mags) in place.
 The 100 Elites in their bag.
 These darts are "K." coded if you're interested in dart tip codes.
I'm not sure if it's just mine, but my Elite Ammo Box's clutch mechanism was quite secure, in contrast to my N-Strike boxes which are somewhat loose.
The darts and clips (mags) out of their packaging and in the box. There's plenty of room for a few hundred more darts or many more clips (mags).

The Elite Ammo Box is available in Kmarts only for 25AUD.
Consider that the 30 Elite dart pack is available for at cheapest 10AUD (3d/$), and the 75 Elite dart pack 20AUD (3.75d/$) at BigW only.
In summary, the Elite Ammo Box is a cheap and effective way to build up your dart collection as well as store some stuff. (In Australia at least) It's the most cost efficient way to buy retail packs of darts, providing 4 darts/$ as well as a free blue Elite box and two free 6 dart Elite clips (mags).
If you're in Australia and want to get a large amount of Elite darts, Elite Ammo Boxes are the retail way to go.

Like I said, really not much to say. It's a Nerf branded blue box with 100 Elite darts and two Elite 6 clips (mags). This is the sort of thing you buy out of necessity, so getting my opinion of it is both pointless and impossible, as I have no actual opinion of the box.

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