Sunday, 6 January 2013

Nerf Vortex Pyragon Slam-Fire Demo

In this video I slam-fire the Pyragon's entire 40 disc drum in 6 seconds.
This means its maximum ROF is 6.67 discs per second, which is excellent considering its the only slam-fire blaster to do so, it rivals semi auto blasters like the Rayven and Hail-Fire, and is only exceeded by the Magstrike and possibly Rapid Fire.


  1. Holy... FUDGE!!! I think you beat SOFT's record. :D I CAN do empty the drum in 20 seconds, though.

  2. Go magstrike!!!

  3. I agree with you! The Pyragon is a beast when it comes to the ROF! I can't wait to get my hands on this blaster to review it but until then I have to save up my money for a Stampede battery kit. Keep on Nerfing!!

  4. What a beast, absolutely love this. I hope we see some new line blasters in Vortex, it needs some love :) The ROF is insane on this, and the accuracy is 50/50, some say you lose it in slam-fire others say you can keep it. What did you think P13c30fch33s3 ?

    1. I agree, Vortex has yet more potential still to be unlocked.
      Accuracy depends on how fast you slam fire. Single firing or slam-fire if up to 2-3dps can maintain decent, if not good, accuracy. The slam-fire demonstrated, however, throws accuracy out the window. I was slam-firing at 3m from the curtain, and if you look carefully you can see where each disc hits, and if you mark down where each disc hits on the screen, you'll seen that pretty much none of them hit the same spot.
      This is because of my technique, however, which involves moving both blaster and priming handle.
      The aforementioned 2-3dps slam-fire involves only moving the priming handle and not the blaster, allowing for said accuracy.