Monday, 16 January 2012

Nerf Jolt vs Reflex

This is a comparison of the two smallest spring powered blaster Nerf offers.

The Reflex is basically a brightly coloured box with a tiny black/grey handle sticking out the bottom. On the other hand, a Jolt has been designed with plastic used to stylise the grip and the back of the barrel. IMO the Jolt looks better, but as always I never score on aesthetics.
Given both blasters are tiny, super cheap single shots, there's not much to them. However, the Reflex comes with 3 darts, and the Jolt 2. The Reflex wins this round.
The first important category. Reflexes achieve an average range of maybe 10-11m with whistlers/sonic micros. This is decent given the size of the plunger. On the other hand, the Jolt reaches 12m+ ranges with whistlers. This is even better given the plunger on the Jolt is even smaller. The Jolt wins this round.
The Jolt is extremely accurate with whistlers. When I aimed down it's tiny iron sights, the dart followed those iron sights perfectly, barely wavering a centimetre. On the other hand, I find the Reflex's darts can waver slightly due to the design of the muzzle. The Jolt wins this round.
The Jolt has a simple, easy to grip handle as the priming mech. It sticks out the bottom of the blaster. The priming stroke is a little hard given the strength of the spring. The handle on the Jolt is also a little uncomfortable.
The Reflex has a spring loaded slide as a priming mech. It is easier to prime (spring is weaker) but slightly harder to grip. The Reflex's grip is more comfortable, although does not accomodate for an entire human hand.
Due to both blasters having slight flaws, this round is a draw.
Rate of fire:
Both blasters are single shot, spring powered and have no dart storage. It takes one pull of the priming mech to prime both blasters. However, you must return the Reflex's slide to the original position for firing, while the Jolt's handle simply sticks out the bottom. The Jolt wins on this minor technicality.
Both blasters only hold one dart in the barrel and have no dart storage. This round is an obvious draw.
Value for Money/Availability:
The Reflex is available in a single pack in target for $7, or in a 6 pack in TRU for $50. The Jolt is available for $4 in BigW. The Jolt wins because it's cheaper.

The Jolt has won 4 rounds, the Reflex 1, with 2 draws.
I declare the Jolt EX-1 the winner of this comparison. I highly recommend everyone pick at least one up, if not more.

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