Monday, 17 October 2011

Nerf Vortex Proton Usage Tips

Some usage tips for the smallest and cheapest of the Vortex line.

1) Practice dropping the disc in the slide. It's not as hard as loading darts, but remember not to put it in upside down. Practice will save time in the heat of battle.
2) Remember to compensate for the disc curving to the right at 10m+ ranges.
3) Use your long range (compared to dart blasters) to keep your enemies at a distance. Not only will you be safe from retaliation, but it can provide an opening for you and/or your teammates to rush your enemies when they're scared.
4) Remember that although discs fly at the same speed as darts, they travel further and therefore have longer air time.
5) The Proton is a single shot. For other notes on single shots, go here.
6) Forget using the tac rail. It's stupid and pointless, and looks utterly horrid with anything attached.


  1. the proton and vigilon are really cool but the Praxis kicks ass

  2. I use the tac rail and i get crazy accurate shots